Why Crystal Wands Are The Secret To Sexual Empowerment & Self-Love

You can now align your chakras and orgasm all at once!

Not ‘vibing’ your usual after dark toys? Feel uninspired, bored, vanilla or just not that sexual right now? Don’t be shy, a lack of libido is far more common than you think.
A Danish study found lack of sexual desire is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunctions among women—with one in ten women said to feel distressed by their lack of libido—and in Australia 70 per cent of women surveyed are reporting a lack of sexual desire.
Which are seriously high numbers, and not in the ‘little black book’ kind of fun way…

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Cue the new crystal toy you need to know about—sure to bring spice and self love back into your sex life and unlock any suppressed chakras throwing off those good vibes.
And no, we’re not talking about yoni eggs… (although, have you tried one?), there is a much deeper way to dial up your sex drive and obtain peak pleasure and it’s as simple as waving a wand…

We’re talking about rose quartz crystal wands (aka dildos). Considered the new ‘du jour’ of sexual wellness, rose quartz crystal wands—as they’re also lovingly known—are the latest self empowerment tool that women in the world are going crazy for.
crystal dildo
Image: Juliet Allen

Much the same as a crystal infused drink bottle or yoni egg energetically (except you don’t need to keep it up there…), crystal wands are made of either rose quarts, clear quartz or black obsidian and are said to behold serious sexual energy.
Shaped like traditional dildos, either curved or straight, the quartz wands are said to work wonders healing everything from self love and worth to healing past trauma, stimulating the immune system, release guilt and shame and cleanse your aura of disharmony, negativity or and unhealthy attachments.
How do they do this exactly? Amodrn spoke to leading Australian sexologist Juliet Allen (@juliet_allen), who has her own range of wands, aptly named after herself (how’s that for sexually empowered?!) ‘The Juliets’ to find out the secret behind crystal based wands.

Can You Share A Little About Your Experience With Crystal Wands And How They Inspired You To Launch Your Own Line?

“The main thing that initially inspired me was that I was wanting to ditch my vibrators and use a natural product during my self-pleasure practice. As a young woman I was addicted to using a vibrator to reach orgasm … I hit 30 and the pleasure I felt using vibrators was increasingly unsatisfying and I felt bored. So, one day I intuitively threw all of my vibrators and dildos into the rubbish bin (it felt so good to start fresh!), and at the same time, a good friend of mine gifted me a rose quartz pleasure wand which is how it all began,” says Allen.

“When I first received it, I was dubious at JUST how much pleasure they could provide but felt instantly drawn to the crystal and the energy that was held in it. The first time I used a crystal wand I had the most beautiful experience with myself and a really amazing orgasmic experience throughout my entire body. Since then I have never used a vibrator since!”

crystal dildos
Image: Juliet Allen

What Can The Energy Of The Crystal Wands Bring To Women?

“My intention when I launched my own was to empower all women to feel sexually free and alive, and to feel connected to their true sexual essence. The crystals are beautiful to look at, and feel amazing both inside and on the outside of our pussy. The wands have this ability to bring a sacredness and beauty to self pleasure and sex for women,” explains Allen.

“To explain at a deeper level—each crystal holds different frequencies and energies that are known to magnify sexual energy in our body and allow us to connect deeper to our sexual energy and our heart.”

“Within my Juliet range, I’ve created wands in rose quartz, clear quartz and black obsidian crystals which each have their own healing qualities and abilities to release different chakras,” says Allen.

“As the wands don’t have battery vibration, this allows us to feel the more subtle vibrations in our body and doesn’t distract us with a short sharp vibration on our clitoris. When we take out the vibration, and focus on internal pleasure and stimulate our clit with our hand, we feel into deeper, more soulful orgasmic energy.”

“Every day I get emails from women (and men!) telling me about how the crystal wands have transformed their sex lives!,” says Allen.

crystal dildo
Image: Juliet Allen

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Crystal Dildo Over A Traditional One Or Vibrator?

“The difference between them and standard dildos is that the crystals are 100% natural, whereas regular dildos are made from all sorts of synthetic products and the sexy toy industry is not regulated (which means the manufacturers can use pretty much any material to create a dildo),” says Allen. “This means so many women get bacterial infections and thrush from regular dildos. Crystal wands are definitely the best option because of the natural material and zero nasties in them.”

When Choosing One What Should We Look For?

crystal dildo
Image: Juliet Allen

“Within my range, there are two shapes. The curved wand is curved and allows women (myself included) to stimulate their g spot with more ease. Whereas alternatively, the original pleasure wand is straighter, but has two thicknesses to choose from—a wider girth at one end, and slimmer at the other end,” explains Allen.

“When choosing a wand I advise people to trust their intuition and for women, tune into your womb and ask what she wants. It may sound a little out there, but time and time again trusting our intuition is the only way to go when it comes to sexuality and pleasure!”

If Someone Is New To Spiritual Stuff Or Self Pleasure Through A Crystal Wand, Do You Have Any Tips On Best Practises?

“Well, to explain it simply—they are crystals and 100 per cent natural from mother earth, carved into a dildo that is created for self-pleasure and can also be used when enjoying sex with lovers,” says Allen.
“I recommend cleansing and charging the crystal before use—you can wash the crystal in the ocean, or use epsom salts to create salty water and wash in that. Then use warm soapy water to clean the wand (always clean after every use) and then I recommend putting the crystal in the sun, or under the moonlight to charge it up. Be very careful with the crystals – they are delicate and need to be stored in a cosy, safe space.”

crystal dildo
Image: Juliet Allen

What Would You Tell A Woman Who Wants To Be Sexually Empowered But Might Be Scared Or Reluctant To Explore?

“We all have different stories and it’s completely normal to have stories around our sexuality and relationship to sex. These often begin in childhood and if the stories are unhealthy or distorted, they can really hold us back from enjoying deep connection and ecstatic sex,” says Allen.

“The most common stories are…”

  • “I’m not worth of love and pleasure”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I can’t experience orgasm”
  • “My pussy looks weird’
  • “I can’t afford to invest in nice items for myself and my pleasure”

“So by connecting in with our innate sexual energy and essence, it allows us to drop the stories and simply be with what is,” explains Allen. “ That may not always be pretty, it may mean we need to express a full range of emotions in order to drop deeply into our authentic pleasure… which is very normal and natural!”
If this feels like something you want to understand more about and dive a little deeper into, Juliet has an upcoming online course  Becoming an Exceptional Lover where she will be guiding women through this and more. Find out more here

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