When You Should Take Your First Vacation Together As A Couple

Think you're ready to travel? Not so fast...

When You Should Take Your First Vacation Together As A Couple
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You’ve conquered a list of relationship “firsts” — you’ve kissed, fought, and spent the night over at each other’s places — and the next major step is incoming. We’re talking about your first vacation as a couple, and if you want to ensure that your first trip ends with you being more in love, rather than returning solo, it’s best to time it perfectly.
According to Visit Anaheim, there is an ideal timeline to booking and jet setting on your first away-from-home vacation to make sure that it’s successful for your relationship.
It comes at the 10-month mark in your relationship, and there’s a very good reason why.


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When it comes to your “baecation,” as the poll suggests, a few factors contribute to making it a success. For starters, choosing the right destination is crucial (so why not look to the stars to find out where you should head to next), then budgeting, planning, and the commitment level of your relationship all contribute to a good trip.
According to the 2,000 Americans the pollsters surveyed, 23 percent of couples broke up because of a vacation, while 37 percent fell in love during their getaway.
For those who saw it as an outright success, and stayed together, 52 percent actually made a return trip to that same destination with their significant other. Now that’s a testament to a vacation gone well.

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Finding the right timing can be a tricky challenge. For starters, being comfortable enough with your partner to travel to a possibly unknown destination has the potential to certainly boost your trust. Meanwhile, experiencing something for the first time together can help you bond and bring you closer together.
Just make sure to avoid the most common pitfalls of a couple’s trip away. According to the survey, the destination, where to stay, and how long you should jet set for were the top three points of contention with pairs.
So talk it through, prepare to compromise, and plan your first journey together. It could just be one of many more to come.

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