What This Yoga Teacher Eats & How It Rates, According To Nutritionist Jessica Sepel

We get real about what we eat in the Amodrn office.

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Welcome back to Amodrn’s new series where we get nutritionist Jessica Sepel of JSHealth to rate our team’s typical day on a plate. Next up is digital content producer, Sam Bailey. “I teach yoga four times a week, walk intermittently and do Pilates anywhere from twice a week to five times a week at present (in the lead up to my European Summer holiday). My goals are more to be more lean and toned, to shift stubborn belly fat and keep energy levels up for all the physical (and brain!) activity I have to maintain during the week.” 
Here’s what Jess had to say!


  • 8-10am: 2 x double-shot macchiatos (x 4 shots total).
  • 10-12pm: Berry smoothie with sprouted and fermented pea protein powder, cacao or maca powder, almond milk and mixed berries.

1 x litre of water
Jess says:
“As much as I love coffee and believe it can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet, it exerts stimulatory effects and excess caffeine can result in symptoms of anxiety, increased heart rate, jitters and sleeping difficulties. It can also place strain on the liver as this is where it is metabolised in our body. Instead of going cold turkey, aim to slowly reduce your intake. Start off by having 1 double shot and 1 single shot, then down to just 1 double shot. Aim to stick to 1-2 shots of coffee per day to support stable cortisol and energy levels.”
“That sounds like a delicious breakfast, although it’s important to include a healthy fat as a source of fibre and to increase satiety. You may like to add 1-2 tbsp’s of chia seeds, flaxseeds, nut butter or ¼ of an avocado.”
*Note* Since I was encouraged to cut down, I now proudly admit to only having 1 x double shot a day (and the odd extra shot on a tough day!), but I won’t lie, the withdrawals were real.

day on a plate nutrition
Image via Instagram user @sammibailey


  • 12:30 /1 pm: Morrocan spiced baked chicken breast with roast sweet potato, broccoli, tomatoes and a side of spinach leaves, cup of brown rice, sometimes marinated Persian fetta + a Greek yoghurt and honey as a dressing.


  • 3 free-range egg omelette with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, spinach and paprika or chilli.

Jess says:
Sounds divine! You’re getting your lean protein through the chicken, complex carbs from the sweet potato and brown rice and protein, healthy fats and calcium from the feta. Aim to add a source of complex carbohydrates to the omelette for extra fibre and to provide you with longer lasting energy. Perhaps a piece of toast?”
“Loving the greens and colourful veg you’ve added to both meals. Tomatoes are a great source of the antioxidant, vitamin C and greens are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and an abundance of antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E.” 

day on a plate nutrition
Image via Instagram user @sammibailey


  • ½ litre of water and sometimes a French Early Grey Tea.

Not really into snacking but if do… Chobani Greek yoghurt (usually the passionfruit one)

  • 2 rows of dark choc


  • 2 spoonfuls of Crunchy Mayver’s Sea Salt Peanut butter


  • Green Granny Smith Apple

Jess says:

“These snack options sound delicious! While I definitely enjoy my fair share of chocolate, it can spike blood sugar levels. To make this a more substantial snack, try having 1 row and pair it with a small handful of raw, unsalted nuts. It’s super important to include 2-3 servings of fruit per day, although if enjoyed in the afternoon, it tends to cause sugar cravings later on in the day for some people. Pair this with a dollop of Greek yoghurt or a handful of nuts to add some protein. Spread your peanut butter onto some celery or carrot sticks for an extra serve of veg or smear onto sliced pear or apple – you won’t regret it!”


  • Zucchini pasta with beef bolognese (garlic, onion and spinach leaves), Dolmio red wine and garlic pasta sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan and cracked pepper


  • Steak with sweet potato home baked fries, spinach leaves, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side of tomato sauce

1/2 x litre of water

nutrition day on a plate
Image via Instagram user @sammibailey

Jess says:

“Zucchini Bolognese has to be one of my favourite dishes for dinner time! Be mindful about which sauce you add as many contain hidden sugars and excess sodium. The best option is to use Passata sauce and flavour it yourself with various herbs and spices or check the ingredient list of store-bought products.
Steak is extremely rich in haem iron and high in protein (opt for organic and grass-fed if possible). Homemade fries are such a great alternative to fast food places. It’s a great source of complex carbohydrates using olive oil which is rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols. Swap the tomato sauce for diced tomatoes (check the ingredients only contain tomatoes and salt) or DIY tomato salsa. Alternatively, check out our home-made tomato sauce recipe in the JSHealth app.”


  • 2 x big spoons of Crunchy Mayver’s Sea Salt Peanut butter
  • T2 tea Creme Brulee

Jess says:

Peanut butter for dessert – Yum!! I absolutely love herbal tea and it’s such a great way to increase your hydration levels throughout the day. However, the Crème Brulee flavour contains black tea which contains a small amount of caffeine. So close to bedtime, this may cause you sleeping issues and is an excess amount of caffeine for the day if you’re already having 2 double shots. The tea also contains artificial flavourings and sugar – these are both inflammatory and cause result in bloating and increased energy right before it’s sleep time. Opt for herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile or a dandelion chai with a dash of almond milk.

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