4 Online Pilates Programs You Can Do From Home & Yield Serious Results

Feel the burn.

online pilates
Image: Fluidform Pilates

Pilates has quickly become a workout of choice and the not-so-secret weapon for those wanting to achieve a long, lean physique. A full body workout that effectively works to challenge and tone every inch, it’s great for strengthening the core and improving posture amongst other physical and psychological benefits—doubling as a mindful movement practice.
Although many people may overlook mat Pilates in favour of the glamorous (and may we add, quite expensive) reformer, the OG Pilates method shouldn’t be underestimated as it also yields some serious body-sculpting results.
Perfect for those who struggle to make it to a studio or simply enjoy working out in the comfort of their own home, subscribing to an online program is the way to go—not to mention that it usually requires little to no equipment and will have you feeling the burn for days to come.
Keen to explore the world of at-home Pilates? Here are some of our favourite online programs we highly recommend you check out!

1. Fluidform at Home

online pilates programs
Image: Fluidform Pilates

Highly-respected and sought-after Pilates teacher, Kirsten King of Fluidform Pilates has just launched Fluidfrom at Home, where she takes her successful approach to teaching Pilates and translates it into an online membership service, available globally. The program offers a mix of total body workouts and targeted mini blasts with new videos added monthly, allowing for personally customized home workouts to suit every fitness level.
Fluidform at Home also houses King’s favourite workouts for some of her best-known clients including Pip Edwards and Elle Ferguson.
Pip Edwards says: “With my hand on my heart, I can genuinely say that Kirsten King has single-handedly holistically changed my mind, body and soul with her specialised and dedicated training. Pilates with Kirsten has become a part of my weekly routine, an absolute non-negotiable.”
Visit fluidformpilates.com.au.

2. Peaches Pilates

online pilates program
Image: @peachespilates

With studios located in the Sydney suburbs of Bondi, Maroubra and Cronulla, the Peaches method is all about fast, punchy workouts that target muscles you didn’t even know you had. Designed to tone the entire body with a particular focus on the booty and waist, Peaches Online comes with a super handy pack consisting of sliding disks, an inflatable Pilates ball and resistance band—great for those who travel often (and never have room in their carry-on!).
“I’ve noticed a big difference in my booty and waist especially since starting Peaches. The Booty Camp video almost killed me the first time I did it!” says Instagram model, Emma Rose.
Visit peachespilates.com.

3. Duo Pilates

duo pilates
Image: Duo Pilates

The Duo Pilates method is a 12-week online stretch and strengthening program, suited to those who are craving a workout routine to keep them on track. Fully equipped with an exercise guide and recorded video series, the program consists of three progressively challenging Pilates workouts per week, each taking 30 minutes to complete. For best results, founder Alex Richardson does advise adding some resistance, in which case you can purchase an equipment bundle pack with comes with a Pilates ball, band and circle which you will need from week 3 onwards to complete your workouts.
Visit duopilates.com.au.

4. Barre Body

online pilates
Image: @barrebody

Housing over 150 classes spanning across barre, yoga, Pilates, cardio and yin (with more added weekly), Barre Body Online offers effective workouts led by expert instructors. You can choose from equipment-free classes or ones that involve hand weights, resistance bands, balls and gliders depending on your fitness level. In saying that, every workout includes modifications for beginners, so grab your mat and start pliéing!
Visit online.barrebody.com.au.

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