What is Your Human Design Type and How Does It Affect You?

Learn about the five options here.

human design
Image: Courtesy of Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash

Because of our year of reflection, there’s been a shift in understanding ourselves better. Mentally, spiritually, and physically. In addition to astrology, natural medicine, manifesting, and more. One aspect of spirituality that we’ve been learning about is human design. This system was designed to better understand your genetic nature. It uses astrology and other ancient mythology to better tell us how we function in the universe in this lifetime. It will show and tell you how and where your energy flows within you and how to better harness that energy. You can find out what your human design type is here. Keep reading to learn more about them!

human design
Image: Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash

The Five Human Design Types

1) Generator

Generators make up 37% of the population. They are builders and play a critical role in society. They’re energetic, are great problem solvers, and don’t get burnt out. They love starting new projects and are the building blocks of our society.

2) Manifesting Generators

This type of human design type makes up 33% of the population. They are both manifestors and generators. Manifesting generators love to try new things and get the most out of life. They have the power to speak things into existence, like manifestors. They need to recharge after their spontaneous bursts of energy.

3) Manifestors

This human design type is rare, only making up about 10% of the planet. They speak things into existence easily. Manifestors need to make sure they are interacting with other souls. They are happiest on their own, so they tend to dwell in it. They need to learn how to communicate effectively to feel happiness.

4) Projectors

The projector is a human design type that is quite complex and deep. They are 20% of the population. Projectors risk burnout daily because they don’t generator energy internally. They don’t have a calling to be recognized or named. They wait for people to recognize them and this can make them sad. Don’t wait for this to happen, put your skills out into the open.

5) Reflectors

This is the rarest of them all, making up only 1% of the population, isn’t that crazy? They are able to absorb negative energy. They’re the healers of society. They are very linked to the moon. The best advice for these types is to live by the moon so that you can avoid disappointment.

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