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These Are the Best Vibrators as Rated by Our Readers in 2021

From Lelo to Dame, here are some of the most incredible sex toys on the market today.

In the year 2021, pleasure should be widely spoken about, because we really, really deserve it after the year we’ve had. If you’re flying solo or even if you have a partner, a sex toy is a fun way to spice up your sex life. We’ve asked our readers their thoughts on what some of their favorite and the best vibrators they like to use are. They answered, with some of the spiciest recommendations, we’d like to add. From Lelo to Dame, here are some of the most incredible sex toys on the market today. Keep reading for some of the best vibrators our readers love to use in 2021.

The Best Vibrators of 2021

1) Lelo Sona Cruise II ($111)

best vibrators
Image: Courtesy of Lelo

Hear us out, this vibrator is actually a clitoral vacuum. It’s incredible, super easy to use, and silent AF! We’re obsessed with it. Shop here.

2) Smile Maker’s The Ballerina Vulva Vibrator ($200)

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Image: Courtesy of Smile Makers

Take pleasure to the next level with a one-of-a-kind vibrator. The Ballerina’s organic shape cups the vulva into an intimate embrace and delivers a wholesome stimulation. You’ll never believe the places this vibrator will take you. Shop here.

3) Womanizer Liberty ($99)

best vibrators
Image: Courtesy of Womanizer

Who doesn’t love a little bit of pocket-sized loving? Nobody told us we couldn’t experience pleasure on the go. This travel-size vibrator from Womanizer is an intense clitorial massager and it’s freaking amazing. Shop here.

4) Osé 2 Robotic Massager ($290)

best vibrators
Image: Courtesy of Osé

This massager is literally designed to mimic human touch. The fleshlight for who of us with vaginas, finally! This literal robotic arm combines a G-spot massager and clitorial mouth to arouse and stimulate all your senses. Shop here.

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Dame

Pom is the best name for something that fits, well, in the palm of your hand! The perfect flexible, waterproof vibe for some self-loving (or for use with a partner!). Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbly motor and five patterns. Shop here.

6) Dame Aer Suction Toy ($95)

best vibrators
Image: Courtesy of Dame

Have you ever seen a cuter vibrator? We love Dame products a lot, but the new Aer is as amazing as it is gorgeous. Sex toys have come a long way, and the new path forward is definitely focused on clitoral suction. We love love love this little guy. Shop here.

7) Mystery Vibe Crescendo Bendable Vibrator ($149)

best vibrators
Image: Courtesy of Mystery Vibe

The sex toy to end all sex toys! This vibrator stimulates the G-spot, clitoris, penis, and perineum. We just have no words. Bend it however you want, whenever you want. Shop here.

When You Want a Little More Oomph!

Something that makes masturbation or self-love even more amazing is adding a little bit of something extra. Lubrication and relaxation can make your special self-care all the more worthwhile. We’ve listed some of our favorite items to use below.

1) They Call Her Alfie Love Gel ($39)

best sex wellness products
Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

We love the They Call Her Alfie Love Gel for everything sexual health. The always sold out They Call Her Alfie’s Love Gel is a lightweight gel that is applied prior to sexual activity to the clitoris to help promote a heightened and more sensitive experience. And it comes with a bang for its buck because not only does it get you in a desirable and horny mood, but their Love Gel also hydrates, soothes, and rejuvenates when used on a regular basis. It’s incredible before sex and it’s incredible for the health of the vagina. Shop here.

2) They Call Her Alfie Glide Lubricant ($15)

Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

During sex, using a hydrating lubricant is key for a good time. Alfie’s Glide Lubricant is a squalane-based lubricating treatment that supplements your natural moisture while enhancing intimacy. For intimate areas, so you can slide, glide, and be comfortable. Shop here.



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