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How To Tell You’re with ‘The One’ According To A Love Expert

Perhaps you’re currently in coupledom and not sure if you’re living your happy ever after? Here are the top signs to know for certain.

Most of us have probably heard the stories or watched the movies where the lover’s eyes lock across the room and in that moment, they knew they had met The One’. Well, the truth is, life isn’t a fairy tale and sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. In fact, it’s likely you’ve been in a relationship in the past where you thought you were with ‘The One’, and then things just didn’t work out. Perhaps you’re currently in a couple and not sure if you’re living you’re happy ever after? Here are the top signs to tell if you’re with ‘The One’.

Dr Lurve is a leading love and relationship expert. Dr. Lurve specializes in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships. A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love, and couples ready to make love last forever, she is an authority on how to make relationships long-lasting. Follow her on Instagram @dr.lurve.

love couple
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An Expert Reveals the Ways You Can Tell You’re with ‘The One’

1) You connect on a deeper level.

Connecting on a deeper level in your relationship is often a sign that you’re with the one. Emotional connection is the bond that strengthens relationships and keeps couples together. It’s when you can trust each other fully, encourage each other to be vulnerable, accept each other’s flaws, and develop a strong understanding of each other. This kind of connection allows you to be authentic with one another and will add a deeper layer of intimacy to your relationship.

2) You are their priority. 

Putting your partner first and vice versa shows that you’re both keeping your relationship as a top priority. When your partner makes you their priority it means they consider your emotional needs just as important as their own. It shows that they’re committed and devoted to you, regardless of outside demands. While the relationship should always be balanced, keeping you as a priority shows they’re constantly considering you, your feelings, and ensuring that any decisions they make factor you in. This is a display of true companionship and connection, meaning you have an unbreakable and unparalleled fondness and devotion to each other.

3) You can be yourself around them.

When we’re around others, we usually reserve parts of ourselves or slightly change depending on what we think the other people would want to see. However, when you’re with The One, you can be your true self. You’re not worried about what they think or whether they’ll judge because it’s likely they love you ‘just as you are’. And if your true self means clipping your toenails in front of the TV and your partner doesn’t squirm at this, you might have met your match.

love couple
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4) Your pronouns change.

Studies have shown that in the relationship realm, couples’ we-ness versus separateness is associated with relationship quality and positive relational outcomes. People who are in a relationship with a cemented future are more likely to use plural pronouns such as ‘we’ and ‘us’ when they talk. The use of these kinds of pronouns is in sync with happier and healthier relationships. That’s because it displays a shift from self to the relationship, signaling a deep connection.

5) You feel content.

Feeling content is a great place to be in a relationship, where you’re not searching for anything else or wanting to change anything about your partner. Contentment comes when you find someone who is your other half, your mirror, where you can be loved, unconditionally for the person you are. You feel safe, satisfied, relaxed, accepted, and just generally happy in your relationship – this is a good sign you may have found The One.

6) You have unwavering support for each other.

One of the biggest benefits of a relationship can be having someone there to support you, no matter what. When you get this kind of support from your partner, you’ll feel encouraged to grow, to strive for your dreams, and to be the best version of yourself. At its core, support is about providing all the other things that come along with it – love, reassurance, acceptance, and encouragement. When you both feel that way towards each other and your support of each other is unwavering, you could have the real deal.

Image: John Schnobrich via Unsplash

7) You tolerate each other’s flaws.

No one is perfect – the world would be boring if we were. However, your relationship should lean more towards that you’re perfect for each other, flaws and all. When you’re with the one you’ll notice they have flaws (and vice versa) but you’ll be ok about them. They might irk you from time to time, but for the most part, you should find each other’s flaws tolerable, mildly endearing, and even funny at times.

8) You fight, but you know how to make up.

Let’s get one thing clear – fighting in a relationship is normal. Disagreements from time to time can signal a healthy relationship, so long as you are able to resolve your differences. A cause for concern is fights or arguments that seem to go around in circles or constantly don’t end due to not coming to any agreements. If you fight occasionally but are able to mend things, then it shows a mature relationship that could stand the test of time.

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