What The Hell Is Period Beauty And Why Is It So 2020?

From Rael to Cora, learn about about the movement to normalize the menstrual cycle.

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Image: Get Rael, Knours, Cora

Feminine care is much less taboo than it was just a short time ago, as our world is embracing the natural and beautiful thing that is the menstrual cycle. Many brands like Cora and Rael are taking back what it means to be a woman. Even skincare is taking note, as period beauty has recently come into the spotlight, with cosmetics brands formulating products to address hormonal changes and skin conditions that occur during “that time of the month.” Why is vagina is such a dirty word? Companies and women are trying to change that to make it the new norm.
This new movement is empowering women, their hormones, and the products that are purposely (and rightfully so) glamourizing the period. Read all about why you should be changing your skincare during this time and comb through some of our favorite products below!

Why Should We Have Skin Care Specifically For The Menstrual Cycle?

According to Skin Inc., “it’s no surprise that during the hormonal fluctuations of a woman’s cycle, the skin experiences some changes. The concept behind period beauty comes with the idea that skin is continuing to change throughout a woman’s 28-day cycle, so her skincare should change as well. A women’s skin changes before, during and after their period can be different from the next. While some women experience a rise in acne, others may only find that their skin tends to be on the oilier side during their period. This trend comes off an even bigger trend of cyclical living, where women are encouraged to embrace their hormonal fluctuations during their cycle and switch up how they live their life based on it.”
While no studies have been done on this matter, dermatologist Anjoli Mahto, M.D., did explain that there is a science to back this up. She stated that the “second half of your cycle, you do tend to be quite a progesterone and testosterone-heavy, and that’s why a lot of people find their skin can get a bit oilier after ovulation and more spot-prone in the run-up to their period.”

Brands That Are Switching Things Up

Brands like Rael have even made entire guides to period beauty, targeting the days before you even begin your menstrual cycle. According to Rael, “At least a week before your cycle begins, your estrogen levels begin to decrease while your progesterone and testosterone levels increase. This causes increased oil production and clogged pores, making them appear larger. Hormonal acne will typically occur on your chin and jawline, though breakouts can occur anywhere on your face. Along with your skin being the most sensitive, low levels of estrogen can leave your skin looking blotchy so that by day five your skin becomes dull, dry, and flaky.” 
You can read more about exactly what to do before, during, and after your period here.
Rael’s Tips for Treatment

  • Up your intake of antioxidants by drinking green tea, working up a sweat (while washing your face afterward!) and getting plenty of vitamin C.
  • Use a cleanser that is high in salicylic acid during the blemish-prone period. This type of cleanser cleans out pores, gets rid of excess oil, and keeps bacteria and blemishes at bay.
  • Increase exfoliation to 2-3 times per week or more and stimulate cell turnover using products that remove dead skin cells and brighten skin.
  • Clarifying facials and clay face masks are great at this time for clearing out impurities.

Some Of Our Favorite Period Beauty Products

1) Rael Complete Care Kit 5-Step Skin Care System ($118)

period beauty skincare
Image: Get Rael

This will give you that Week 2 skin. It is an everyday dream. Rael’s Complete Care Kit is your skincare dream team, keeping your skin clean, balanced, and moisturized to show off a perpetual Week 2 Glow. Shop here.

2) Cora’s Menstrual Cup ($39)

period beauty
Image: Cora

Designed to be the most comfortable and simple-to-use cup, the Cora Cup is made of premium, medical-grade silicone and is free of BPA and other toxic chemicals. Shop here.

3) Knours Period Bliss Kit ($69)

period beauty
Image: Knours

Thanks to higher levels of testosterone, 7-14 days prior to Aunt Flo, our skin gets oily and our pores are clogged. Let this mask do its magic by hydrating and soothing your skin all while 4 organic aroma oils help you relax and stay calm through this crisis.  Apply a drop of the lightweight soothing Skin Meditation Gel Cream to your face morning and night or midday to keep your temperamental skin under control. Shop here.

3) Lola First Period Kit ($34)

period beauty
Image: Lola

Is she ready for her first period? Are you? This set comes with 10 pads with wings (5 regular, 5 heavy), 12 ultra-thin liners, 10 compact plastic applicators, and more. Shop here.
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