Why Celery Juice May Be Skincare's Latest Trendy Ingredient

If celery juice isn’t your jam, don’t worry! You can use skincare to reap all of its benefits.

best celery juice skincare products
Image: Naturally Serious, APTO, Volition Beauty

As far as food trends go, few were more widespread than celery juice in 2019. With the #celeryjuice hashtag boasting 209,000 posts, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian getting in on the action, it’s safe to say that most of us are familiar with the juicing phenomenon. While the jury is still out on potential long-term health benefits, it’s definitely a great way to hydrate first thing in the morning.

But the celery love hasn’t stopped at just juice – in fact, it’s becoming much more than just a vegetable drawer staple. As beauty brands strive to formulate cleaner, more natural products, plant-based ingredients are often at the forefront of new releases. Beauty behemoths such as Sephora have even introduced ‘clean’ labels, making it easier for consumers to find products without questionable ingredients.

Amongst the new clean beauty launches of late, one ingredient stands out: celery. Specifically, celery seed extract. Containing vitamins A, C, and K, celery extract is an antioxidant-rich ingredient that can help repel free radicals, ward off photoaging, and ensure continual cell turnover. The result of all this hard work? Smooth, fresh skin, with reduced redness and blurred pores. Antioxidants are true powerhouses, both in skincare and in our diets – so suffice to say, we’re thrilled to see more of them come to market in 2020.

So if celery juice isn’t your jam – don’t worry! Read on for some of our favorite new launches featuring celery.

Celery Skincare Products We Love

1) Volition Beauty’s Celery Green Cream ($55)

Co-created with Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin, this oil-free moisturizer is shaping up to be Volition’s hero product. Pairing celery seed extract with hyaluronic acid, the powerful duo work in tandem to deliver smooth, plump, hydrated skin. The water-based cream ensures a light, non-greasy texture, making it perfect for anyone with oilier skin. To reap the benefits of the antioxidant-rich formula, use it as a daytime moisturizer, in tandem with SPF.

best celery juice skincare products, volition beauty
Image: Volition Beauty

2) Naturally Serious’s After-Dark Peptide Sleeping Cream ($52)

Celery extract teams up with flaxseed peptide and apple extract in this rich, clean-based cream from Naturally Serious. With heavy-hitting moisturizers like squalane and shea butter in the ingredients list, this is a perfect night cream for those of us with drier skin. While celery helps minimize the effects of anti-aging, the peptides ensure skin looks energized, working hard to minimize wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. As an added bonus, the packaging is all totally recyclable.

best celery skincare products, naturally serious
Image: Naturally Serious

3) APTO Skincare’s Celery Juice Day Lotion ($20)

APTO Skincare’s day lotion is the best of both worlds: hard-working antioxidants, with a serious hit of moisture. Especially created for sensitive and dry skin types, it’s ideal for those of us with slightly fussy skin. Aloe vera, squalane, and glycerin ensure moisture that lasts all day, while oat kernel flour calms any redness. And at just $20, it’s a win in our books.

best celery juice skincare products, apto
Image: APTO Skincare

4) APTO Skincare’s Celery Juice Mask ($18)

The soul sister to APTO’s day lotion, this celery juice mask is a treat for a lazy Sunday afternoon. With an incredibly Instagrammable bright green hue, the mask features many of the same ingredients as APTO’s moisturizer. Aiming to repair and soothe even the most temperamental skin, aloe vera and oat flour offer long-lasting hydration. Meanwhile kaolin, a type of clay, gently detoxes the skin. After 10 minutes, simply rinse off and follow with your favorite moisturizer. Skin will be left supple, soothed, and ready for the week ahead – a perfect weekend detox.

best celery juice skincare products, apto
Image: APTO Skincare

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