We worked out with superstar Ellie Goulding last night

It's not every day you get to train alongside an international pop sensation!

Have you ever wondered how international superstars keep themselves fit and healthy when they’re constantly touring? Us too. So when we were invited to attend an exclusive Nike+ Training Club event with pop sensation Ellie Goulding, we jumped at the chance! The singer/songwriter was in Sydney for her 2016 Delirium tour but still found time to lead the gruelling workout, alongside Nike Trainer Steph Bruckner.

Here’s the lowdown

As we squatted and lunged with Ellie, it was easy to see why she was made by an ambassador for Nike last year! Her glowing skin and strong, toned bod is a walking advertisement for the healthy lifestyle she leads. She even has own workouts on the NTC app, including ‘Tighten and Tone’ to build core strength and all over body endurance. Seriously, is there anything Ellie can’t do?

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Image: Getty

We found out that in order to stay healthy while on the go, she likes to start her day with a green tea. To wind down at night, her go-to is a detox tea. As for her exercise regime? When she’s not using the NTC app or running half-marathons, she loves to mix it up with boxing, Bikram yoga, and boot camp.
nike training club, ellie goulding, nike, nike app
Image: Getty

Ellie isn’t the only one who loves using Nike Training Club. We recently wrote about how it’s one of our favourite fitness apps. Since its relaunch from Nike+ Running, the app has introduced a great range of workouts for different fitness levels. As Nike says, if you have a body you’re an athlete and there’s really something there for everyone!

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