We tried London's new model-approved workout class

And it doesn't disappoint!

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London is full of innovative, fun and challenging workout classes. Each week I seem to discover a new trainer or workout that has me feeling like I have found my new, body. However, I recently discovered a class that forced me to completely re-evaluate my approach to exercise. It reminded me that my training should be less about achieving “crop top worthing abs” and more about feeling great in my body, pushing through limiting beliefs and becoming stronger both physically and mentally.

Enter, The Power Of The Body

The Power Of The Body is a movement class created by international model and coach Roger Frampton. The Frampton Method incorporates a combination of bodyweight exercises based upon gymnastics, yoga, and calisthenics. There’s also a strong focus on posture and technique. It may sound complicated, but really it is very simple. This method is all about getting adults to move as they once did.

As children, we had no problem doing cartwheels, handstands, and seated squats as we played. But, as we grow up and are forced to spend countless hours per day sitting in chairs. Over time, we are left with such a limited capacity to move freely that the majority of us simply believe we no longer can. Roger is all about improving strength, core stability and flexibility so that we can learn to experience this type of “child-like” freedom of movement once again.

How this workout class helped me reevaluate my approach to exercise

From squats to planks, extended forward folds, leg stretches, and headstands, Roger’s class is one of the few I have been to in London that doesn’t feel rushed, crowded and impersonal. I feel my nervous system settling down as we hold each posture or stretch for up to 5 minutes at a time. I somehow manage to silence that little voice in my head telling me that it’s all too hard. With Roger’s coaching and adjustments, I am able to rediscover a level of flexibility I had when I was dance training many years ago, and it feels incredible.
I leave this class, feeling like every muscle in my body has been worked, even though I haven’t broken a sweat. My mind is calm yet I am full of energy. I have a newfound motivation to build up my upper body and core strength so I can master the perfect handstand. I literally can’t wait to return for another workout session!

Watch Roger’s TED talk “Why Sitting Down Destroys You”


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