Lorna Jane Just Invented The Gym Tights You've Been Searching For

This is a game-changer.

Workout leggings literally have two jobs. First, be comfortable. And second, keep the wearer covered and decent. It’s mystifying to me then, that so many activewear brands manage to fail miserably – particularly when it comes to the latter.
We’ve all been there, in yoga class, when you look up during downward dog and bam! A pair of bright pink underwear is in your face. Poorly-made, see-through tights are no laughing matter, people – no one needs to know that much information about a casual gym acquaintance.
It’s why Lorna Jane Clarkson, the woman behind the massive Australian activewear line bearing her name, has finally (FINALLY!) invented workout tights that won’t ever leave you exposed. Called “Nothing 2 See Here,” so far Clarkson’s zero-transparency collection includes a full-length leggings ($110.99), 7/8 leggings ($99.99), and short tights ($69.00).
It’s take over a year for the four-way stretch fabrication to be developed, including six months of testing to make sure the new fabric would stretch, wick away sweat, and hold its color. The result? “An opaqueness, or in other words a resistance to sheer, that you have never ever seen before,” Lorna told me on a recent visit to New York.
The entrepreneur first got the idea after watching women in the change room at her stores. “The first things women do when they try on tights is make sure that they’re not transparent by bending over, doing squats, and touching their toes while looking in the mirror for a hint of sheer,” she told me.
Obviously, I had to put these tights to the test, and took them to a hot yoga class with a girl friend who agreed to be on transparency-watch. They leggings were just as comfortable and flattering as Lorna Jane’s other designs (of which I literally own dozens), and showed no hint of going sheer.
Interested in learning more about Clarkson’s clever new innovation? You can shop them online right now, or keep scrolling for more insight from the founder herself.
What differentiates the new leggings from your other styles?
This revolutionary fabric also offers four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties making them so comfy that you’ll never want to take them off! The collection looks and feels like the Lorna Jane you know and love but there’s more to them than meets the eye – the tight knitted, matte elastane guarantees there’s “Nothing 2 See Here” – ever!
What gave you the idea to develop the tights? 
As you know we have over 200 Lorna Jane stores around the world and we have learned that one of the first things women do when they try on tights is make sure that they’re not transparent. Bending over, doing squats and touching their toes while looking in the mirror for a hint of sheer.
So it’s that understanding of what women are looking for and the fact that I’ve been in many a crowded yoga studio looking at sheet tights, that has driven me to develop this simple yet ground breaking product. 

Image via Lorna Jane

What went into developing the new fabric and what actually makes the material different to the current offering?
From concept to final technical testing the Nothing 2 See Here fabric has taken about 12 months. The challenge was to effectively create an active fabric that combined the new Lorna Jane light-blocking technology into a four-way stretch fabrication that also delivered moisture-wicking, comfort and support.
All of our trademarked “Excel” fabrics have been developed to create solutions for active women. With the Nothing 2 See Here collection it was to give our customers the confidence to squat, deadlift and downward dog without the fear of their tights becoming sheer!
How many legging styles are available in the fabric? Will you introduce more?
The ‘Nothing 2 See Here’ debut range will be available in full length, 7/8, and a short, allowing flexibility for whatever type of workout you choose. You can now head to the studio or the gym knowing that you’re always fully covered.
We’re confident the newly developed material will be infused into more styles within the Lorna Jane line over time as further development continues on colors beyond black. Some colors and prints have a greater tendency toward fabric grinning so it would be amazing to achieve the same opaqueness as we have in black with other colors and prints.

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