Advisory Board Crystals Will Give You A Crystal Prescription

So shiny. So powerful.


Next time you’ve got a question about life, love, or what to watch on Netflix, call Advisory Board Crystals.
The mysterious fashion and (duh) crystal brand’s simple website read: We are here to advise you. 323-488-3440. The number works—seriously, call them—and you can expect a prompt email response that will answer your question and suggest a crystal you should try using.
The skeptic in us thinks it’s borderline crazy to ascribe life-changing powers to a bunch of shiny rocks—but our inner mystic is so into it. And hey, if all we are is energy, then why wouldn’t the right crystals have a positive effect on us?

Meet Advisory Board Crystals

Remington Guest and Heather Haber, the co-founders of Advisory Board Crystals, agree. They’re simultaneously exactly how you’d expect the creators of a crystal fashion company to be, as well as the complete antithesis. From their fated meeting (they both got into the same UberPool) to their first date (he walked her into a crystal shop and convinced her to grab a “calming” stone), their relationship has been intertwined in the ethereal. So it was only natural that when they paired up to start a fashion line—both have previously worked for it-brand Band Of Outsiders—that they used their mutual fascination with crystals as inspiration.
“My mom used to give my friends crystals—like, if someone was an actor going on an audition, she’d give them something to slip in their pocket for good energy,” Guest explains. “And I’ve always been attracted to them, and kind of learned about them through her.”

Crystal-infused fashion

For their first launch, Abc’s line was based on rose quartz—the crystal that attracts love and positive energy. “We use crystals in our mood boards as a jumping off point for designing the products, and then we curate a set of crystals that go with whatever items we’re launching,” says Haber. The result is a super-curated, fashion-centric line that’s infused with energy and mindfulness—and high-end boutiques like Colette and Union Los Angeles watch as Abc’s products fly off the shelves.
The brand is exclusive (everything is limited edition because it’s made by hand by Guest and Haber), but you can catch the latest drop by following them on Instagram. The newest addition? A white studio hat with a Phenacite crystal sewn into the interior, meant to “stimulate and activated your inner vision and third eye,” Guest told me.

The two have become experts on crystals and minerals in their own right. “We have to do a lot of research!” laughs Haber. “But we’re constantly learning about new stones, and that keeps the inspiration fresh.” You can order some of their favorites on their site—they come in Instagram-worthy packaging that’s well worth the price—but the pair gamely revealed their favorite crystals for some of their most-asked questions.

For creative inspiration

Amethyst. It is the color of creativity. It brings the natural power of creativity to us. Amethyst stimulates our Visualization, creativity, and invention. 

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 To recover from a broken heart 

To heal a broken heart there are a few crystals that will each help with the different aspects of the healing process. Chrysocolla will assist in acceptance of the situation. Dioptase will heal the heartache while Pink Kunzite will release the pain and open you to new love. Rose Quartz is the stone of “Unconditional Love” so it will allow you to find a higher love, while Garnet will help you find the one true love who will be your soul mate. 

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To attract good energy and good people 

To attract good energy and good people into your life, Aventurine would be a great crystal to start the process with. Aventurine helps you to overcome feelings of self-doubt and increases self confidence. It opens up the energy of the heart, attracting new opportunities. 

Citrine is another useful crystal for this matter, as it helps you to live in the now. It is a crystal of light and happiness that doesn’t hold any negative energy but in contrast, emits large amounts of positive energy. Being a manifestation stone, it encourages you to maintain a positive state of mine so that you can attract everything you want in your life.

One more that is very useful is Clear Quartz. It can be programmed to attract positive people into your life, and Clear Quartz clusters in particular, are good for balancing group energy and attracting friendship.

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For introverts with social anxiety 

Lepidolite! It’s incredibly calming. Hold this stone and you’ll feel the effects from the large amounts of lithium. Also, Rhodonite is a crystal that promotes calmness through self-assurance and balances emotions in chaotic times. Finally, we would advise you use Bloodstone. It’s essentially a courage stone and can assist in getting past energy field imbalances. 

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For extroverts who need to take a chill pill 

Another place where Lepidolite comes into play. It’s a favorite of ours and really works exceptionally well in both cases. 

Check out Advisory Board Crystals’ latest launch and website here

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