Inside the Boxing Gym Whipping Victoria's Secret Angels Into Shape

Well, if it's good enough for Gigi.

The common thread linking Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Sigrid Agren, Josephine Skriver, Kendall Jenner, and Sara Sampaio isn’t just complete and utter gorgeousness – it’s also where they work out. Gotham Gym, a boxing studio with locations in both New York’s West Village and Soho, is the exercise destination of choice for some of the world’s most beautiful (and fit) women, including Gigi and co. Agents send their models to owner/trainer Rob Piela, who is responsible for keeping them fighting fit (literally) with a workout he promises will tone, slim-down, and shape-up your body, without adding bulk.
However, you don’t have to be a model to get involved, particularly since Gotham recently introduced a buzzy, new, cardio-focused boxing class; G-BOX. Recently, I took the G-BOX class myself, and loved the fast-paced sequences, and how the trainer focused keenly on my technique. Each session takes place within an actual boxing ring, and you’re partnered with another class-goer of similar height and build, so the experience feels particularly authentic.
I chatted with Piela to find out more about this model-approved group fitness classes, including what you can expect from each session, how to book, and how beginners should start boxing. Keep scrolling!
How do you describe G-BOX in a sentence for first-timers?
Gotham G-BOX is a total body workout designed exclusively for the new studio, combining boxing techniques, cardio and calisthenics.
Image via Gotham Gym

How is your concept different to other boxing classes?
My original Gotham Gym in the West Village offers a mix of expertly led boxing, Muay Thai, and sculpt, and tone classes. G-BOX is purely boxing and really focuses on technique and working each muscle group. Classes are held every day inside a boxing ring, housed in a dramatic stone walled space in Soho. Gotham G-BOX is a unique spot for clients to enjoy more privacy, move, and sweat to loud music and lose themselves in the class. G-BOX is a perfect balance of cardio and resistance training.

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How many people are typically in a class? 
The class sizes are relatively small; never more than 16 people, and led by two instructors, providing the benefit of both individual attention and the energy of a group class environment. Gotham G-BOX instructors are focused on improving each clients’ boxing technique.
OK, so I arrive at my first G-BOX workout. What should I expect? 
The 60-minute class begins with a cardio warm up, followed by shadow boxing, pad work with a partner, and finishes with floor exercises that focus on core work and toning.

Are there different levels for beginners and advanced?
There aren’t different levels at the Soho location because the class has been designed for all levels of fitness and experience. Having two instructors and small class sizes means that beginners receive the time and attention to really learn, and advanced boxers are given more challenging modifications.
Can you do the class if you’ve never done boxing before?
Definitely! Each class has a shadowboxing component before the sparring begins to make sure that everyone is executing every move with the proper technique. You’ll run through boxing stance, jab, cross, uppercuts, hook and defense before getting your gloves on.

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An hour is a long time to box! How do you keep the class motivated?
Our G-BOX trainers are all badass and are there to keep the class pumped as well as instruct and correct form. The space itself was designed to provide a little extra motivation, we have boxing quotes up on the walls, and even the stairs will tell you not to be a pussy. Also you’ll be boxing in the shadow of the great Muhammad Ali – his fights are projected on the back wall of the ring.
What inspired the idea to launch G-BOX?
With a dedicated following of class goers at the West Village location, Gotham became widely known for its effective workouts and high profile fan base, so I brand partnered with WellPath Solutions to meet the growing demand for more offerings.
Since opening up G-BOX with WellPath in Soho we’ve been able to teach a way higher volume of people, which is great. And vice versa, the new studio gives a lot more New Yorkers the chance to come and train with the Gotham team
How much does a class cost and how do people book?
Individual classes are $32 and packages are also available. To book a class, visit

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