Turns Out, Eating Peanut Butter Every Day Can Help You Lose Weight

Tell us more, we say!

Turns Out, Eating Peanut Butter Every Day Can Help You Lose Weight
Image: Instagram @where_do_I_eat_pete

It’s hard to think of a more versatile condiment than peanut butter. Bridging the gap between sweet and savory, it goes with so many things — whether it’s on your toast, in your smoothie, or in satay-form in a noodle or stir-fry dish. It also happens to be insanely delicious!
As awesome as peanut butter is, it’s often one of the first things to go when you’re trying to achieve a killer bod—since a single serving (two tablespoons) contains a whopping 190 calories.
But according to research, this doesn’t have to be the case. Science says that getting your daily dose of PB can actually help you lose or maintain your weight. Tell us more, we say!
A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that consuming nuts can help curb appetite and control hunger, while a Purdue University study revealed that long-term nut butter consumption can help keep the kilos off. This comes down to the fact that peanuts are higher in protein than any other nut. They’re also loaded with good fats, which have been proven to help keep you full for longer.

In the past, fats earned a bad rap because one gram of fat contains double the amount of calories than the same amount of carbs or proteins. But if you skimp on fat, it’s likely you’re not giving your body the calories and energy it needs, which can slow down your metabolism.
-Lisa Booth, registered dietitian and health coach for 8fit via Women’s Health

Essentially, while peanut butter is high in calories, they’re calories well spent as it’ll help keep cravings at bay and stop you from raiding the snack drawer later. The key is to keep it at a spoonful or two (ie. not the entire jar!) and opt for a natural peanut butter brand that isn’t loaded with sugar.
Looking for a more exciting way to get your peanut butter fix? Check out Australia’s first-ever Peanut Butter Dessert Bar! All of their delicious treats are made from high protein, sugar-free, preservative-free peanut butter!
In the meantime, click here and here for some easy recipes you can make yourself!

Image: Instagram @where_do_I_eat_pete

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