Travel Lovers Agree These Are The Best Sneakers For Sightseeing

Like over 400,000 other travel-obsessed women, I’m in this amazing Facebook group called ‘Girls LOVE Travel’. Whether you’re after restaurant recommendations for an upcoming trip or have found yourself stranded in a new city with nowhere to stay, it’s an absolute goldmine for tips, advice and help. Recently, someone in the group asked the very good question: “what are the best sneakers for sightseeing?” It had hundreds of responses and there was one name that came up over and over again: Skechers!
It’s hardly surprising, really. While in the early 2000s, the brand was best known for their platform flip flops (remember those?), in recent years they’ve reinvented themselves as the go-to for insanely comfortable walking shoes. It’s safe to say it’s working for them, given it was announced in 2015 that they had overtaken New Balance and Adidas and become the second most popular sports footwear brand in the world (behind Nike.)

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The thing about Skechers is that unlike most supportive and comfortable footwear brands, you’re actually happy to be seen in public with them. They’ve managed to do what so many other shoe companies haven’t — bridge the divide between fashion and functionality.
‘Yeah, they’re good for walking,’ you may think. ‘But they’re not going to cut it when I’m going to the gym or for a run.‘ Not so! They’ve just launched their latest collection of performance shoes, which are designed and engineered to the highest standards—an athlete’s standards. Yep, they’re even more perfect for travelling as they’ll seamlessly take you from sightseeing to the hotel gym’s squat rack—no need to pack two pairs of sneakers.
Take a sneak peek at some of the kicks from the new collection below.

Go Run Mojo in Charcoal

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Go Run Mojo in Red

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Goga Max Go Step Lite in Black

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Goga Max Go Step Lite in Navy

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Goga Max Go Walk 4 in Black

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Goga Max Go Walk 4 in Pink

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