Book Into One Of These 5 Mini-Break Wellness Retreats And Smash 2017

If you’re wondering where your motivation went, it’s taken itself off to a health and wellness retreat. So if you’d like to get it back, we suggest you do the same.
It’s normal this time of year. You’ve put in a good innings and you’re on the home stretch but you still have a few months to go. So if exercise is getting difficult, work is a drone and you’re looking back at your New Year’s Resolutions with a little disappointment, don’t despair. It’s not to late to make 2017 your most successful year yet. All you need is a little recharge.
Book into one of these and step back from the everyday to reenergise, refocus and return with clarity. Who knows, it might be just the thing you need to nail that promotion, lose those last few kilos or finally launch your startup.

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa

Ayurveda Wellness Retreat BaliThere’s no shortage of health retreats in Bali, but it’s safe to say the experience you’ll have at Sukhavati is completely unique. With an Ayurvedic focus, your dosha (mind-body type) is identified by an Ayurvedic doctor during an initial consultation. From there, everything from the amazing treatments you’re given to the delicious vegetarian meals you eat are tailored to your individual dosha. Thankfully, every guest is treated to the incredible Shirodhara treatment — where you’re massaged from head to toe with warm jojoba oil for an hour, before it’s slowly dripped onto your forehead. We can safely say it’s the most relaxing treatment we’ve had in our entire lives! Combine that with the twice daily yoga sessions and it’s no wonder we were ready for bed each night by 8pm in our luxe villas.
Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: All year round
View their full list of programs here.

Byron at Byron

Photo by Sarah West via IG @byronbaysurffestival

If cutting out your daily workout will cause more chaos than calm, the Byron at Byron have just the thing: their all ladies surf retreat. It’s a five-night package with equal parts paddling and pampering. Along with surfing lessons, you can expect daily yoga, remedial massage, nourishing meals crafted by their expert chefs, even a lighthouse walk. Not to mention, you can explore the idyllic scenery of the Byron at Byron itself, which is situated in a tropical rainforest, right on the beach. Plus, it’s just a short drive, walk or bike ride (they’re complimentary) into town. Whether you’re hoping to learn to surf or just improve your skills, this surf retreat is just the thing. It’s basically a beach getaway with a little extra RnR. Surfing not for you? They offer a range of other packages. 
Where: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
When: October 22 – 27, 2017
Book here. 

Kangaroo Island Health Retreat

Kangaroo Island Health Retreat
Image: istock

Believing that change must come from within, the team at Kangaroo Island Health Retreat focus on arming you with the knowledge and tools to heal yourself. The five-day detox program is designed to cleanse the body, clear the mind and nourish the soul. It begins will a full body detoxification including three nights of cleansing before introducing whole food meals, cooked by you. Unlike other retreats, the KIHR is not about waiting on your hand and foot but teaching you the skills to create a healthy lifestyle beyond the confines of the retreat itself. With only six guests, the detox program is intimate and exclusive, ensuring a focus on the individual. Designed for those wanting a complete lifestyle overhaul, the Kangaroo Island Health Retreat is perfect for anyone with health issues or in need of a complete reboot, as it will help you achieve optimal health right down to a cellular level. (Side note: if you’ve never been to Kangaroo Island, it’s a retreat unto itself).
Where: Kangaroo Island, Australia
When: Check availability
Book here.

The Beatt

The Beatt Melboure One Day Wellness Retreat

Need a reset but don’t want to travel so far? Try The Beatt’s one-day wellness retreat. Located in Armadale, Victoria, Australia, it’s a one day reset program designed to help you power through the end of the year. The day will consist of a 90-minute Vinyasa Flow yoga class and a 90-minute Yin yoga class, a 30-minute treatment, a 45-minute guided meditation and a talk from one of their expert practitioners. If you’ve ever experienced The Beatt’s suite of offerings, you’ll know they’ve got a delicious cafe on site. Included in the package is a morning smoothie, special lunch, tea, chai, coffee and take home treats. With only 12 spaces available, you better book in quick.
Where: The Beatt, Armadale, Victoria, Australia
When: November 23, 2017
Book here. 

Clean Breaks, Flow Athletic

Flow Athletic Clean Breaks Retreat Komune Bali

Ok, this one isn’t until next year but there’s nothing like booking a holiday to get you powering through your workload, right? Hosted at beachfront villas, Komune Resort in Bali, Flow Athletic’s Clean Breaks program focuses on wellness in all its forms. Expect daily yoga sessions, clean meals, nature hangs, massages and of course, luxury accommodation. Plus, they have a well-equipped fitness facility so you can expect the same great Flow classes, in a picturesque location. Komune is situated right on one of the most popular surf breaks in Bali so you can hit up the waves or relax by the pool and watch from a distance. If your New Year Resolution involves getting fit, eating well and practising mindfulness (every year, right?), this is for you. Interested? Email [email protected] for more details.
Where: Hotel Komune Resort & Beach Club, Bali
When: May 21 – 26, 2018
To book, email [email protected]

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