The Sneaky Way I Saved My Tired, Uneven and Stressed Out Skin

I’m pretty simple with my skincare. I cleanse and I moisturize daily. I apply zit creams when I need to and I use a clay mask once a week. And if any of you have been following me for years, you’ll know that I’m pretty big on giving myself a daily shiatsu (facial massage). So, when I found myself criticizing my grey, tired, bumpy and stressed out skin in the mirror one evening, I decided that I needed to take some drastic action. But … I didn’t know what to do. My diet had been great and I’d always assumed the bumps on my skin were just sweat pimples from yoga. If anything, I could up have upped my water intake but apart from that, I wasn’t sure how to approach improving my skin given that I also travel so much for work across different time zones. Arghhhh…

It was like I couldn’t wait to wake up every morning to see the changes in my skin.

A few dull days later, I was asked to review Lancôme’s new Advanced Génifique Sensitive night serum. Since my skin desperately needed saving, it felt like fate. I’d actually read all about the product previously and really, it was exactly what my skin needed (don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner?). Curious, but a bit dubious, I thought, “what the heck I’ll try it, my skin can’t get any worse, right?”. So, for 30 days straight, I massaged the night serum over my bumpy, tired skin. And every day, I would study my skin waiting for a miracle to happen. For the first week, my skin remained the same … but I hung in there. Then, around day eight, the results started to shine a light on my skin (phew). Every subsequent week, my skin got better and better and better.

It was like magic, literally. The results were addictive, it was like I couldn’t wait to wake up every morning to see the changes. Honestly, writing from the bottom of my heart, my skin has been beautiful, full of colour, plump and more youthful ever since I began massaging the serum into my skin. It’s been nothing like I had ever experienced and quite chuffed, I’ve actually been going makeup-free—well, maybe just a touch of blush, but that’s all I’ve been needing!
So you’re probably asking, how does the serum work? Watch my video below:

Beautiful Skin 101

Our skin cycle:

Our skin has a four-week cycle. So, whatever you put on your skin today, you should see the effects of in about four weeks. Depending on your age, your skin cell turnover could be quicker or longer but generally speaking, it’s four weeks.

The science of why the serum worked:

  • Lancôme has filled their Génifique Serum with soothing probiotics that restore the skin’s youthful radiance. This is what soothed my tired skin and restored my hydration.
  • Advanced Génifique Sensitive night serum contains a generous 98% of pure antioxidants that boost the skin’s defences against bad skin, which is why I saw my lumpy skin clear up.
Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive
The three stages of the blue concentrate releasing in the serum.

The routine

AM – Massage Advanced Génifique into my skin before my moisturizer
PM – Shiatsu Massage Advanced Génifique Sensitive into my skin before my moisturizer
While everyone’s skin is different, this was my experience. It won’t happen overnight (or it may for you lucky Gen Z’s), but it will happen gradually over a month—and the results are addictive.
A big thumbs up from me. Thanks, Lancome!

*This story is a paid partnership with Lancome, however, this was an honest review of the product. 

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