This Chic AF Wetsuit Brand Makes Every Girl Look Like A Sexy Gurfer

Remember when you were eight and your parents would force you into a wetsuit before sending you out into the waves with what can only be described as a boogie board? It probably wasn’t your finest moment. And although a happy memory, it’s not one that requires photographic evidence because, unless you were Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, neoprene suits weren’t typically flattering.
Flash-forward to today and wetsuits have broken free from they’re daggy origins. Not only are they all over Instagram, they’ve made it onto the runway and even into our drawers. And while they’ve always been tight and black, it’s only recently that they’ve become sexy, too.
Case in point: European water wear brand, SALTBEAT.

Proving that the French really are the masters of seduction, SALTBEAT make wetsuits you’ll actually want to be seen in. Designed by women, for women, they know what looks and feels good on the female form. They’re shapely, chic and a lil’ bit fun. And the best bit? They’re not just black. SALTBEAT has partnered with artists and designers from all over the world to create prints that are truly one of a kind. Some are bold, others are beautiful and they’re all seriously unique.
But it’s not all about aesthetics at this boutique brand. As the founders themselves are avid kite surfers, first and foremost, the pieces are functional. They’re expertly crafted using a special fabric (non-petroleum based supernate neoprene, to get technical) that’s 20% lighter than regular foam. It is much softer and contains more stretch, making the pieces easy to put-on and take-off and allowing for a better feel and freedom of movement … when you’re shredding, obviously.

With 16 pieces in their latest collection, you’ll find crop tops and high-waisted briefs, surf pants and one-pieces.
Forget Tomb Raider, we’re channelling Blue Crush. So what are you waiting for? View the entire SALTBEAT range here and…

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