A running coach reveals his 5 top tips for an epic run

You'll be ready to hit the pavement in no time.

As much as we love Yoga and Barre, there’s nothing quite like hitting the pavement. And with a host of running events on the horizon, now is the perfect time to step up your cardio game. That’s why we asked Nike+ Run Club Sydney Head Coach, Sam Strutt, for his best epic run tips. From the must-have gear to tracking apps, you’ll be ready to clock those km’s in no time.
Keep scrolling for the low-down on how to have an epic run every single time.

Sam Strutt’s top running tips to make sure you have an epic run

Sort your shoes out

running shoes, Nike LunarEpic Flyknit, epic run, Sam Strutt
The shoes you wear are important because they’re the connection your body has with the ground. My suggestion for running shoes is to try a range and go off comfort. Being comfortable on your run is the biggest step you’ll take to having an epic run. The Nike LunarEpic Flyknit is a great shoe for all types of runs – it’s super cushioning and supportive, has a snug fit and laser cut pods that adapt to different surfaces.

Know the purpose of your run

running tips, epic run, Sam Strutt
What are you trying to achieve out of this run? There are different kinds of runs that you can do and they all achieve something different. My suggestion would be to come along to a Nike+ Run Club session to learn more about your running. Understanding your runs will lead to you setting more informed goals. The feeling of ticking off a daily run goal is truly epic.

Track your run

Fitness Tracker, running tips, epic run, Sam Strutt
Every run you do is an opportunity to learn something about yourself. Through using the Nike+ Running app you are able to gather information on how fast, far and long you are running as well as being able to easily track your training volume. Now, I know how sexy statistics sound, but they really are your best friend as you’ll learn to pace yourself which will allow you to enjoy more epic runs more often.

Sweat but stay cool

sweat, running tips, epic run, Sam Strutt, activewear
Your body is a very complex but extraordinary system. However, the clothes you wear can inhibit your body’s ability to perform when exercising. Nike apparel works well with your body’s natural ability to regulate heat during exercise. The ability of the fabric to breathe when hot and to retain warmth when cold is vital to keeping you comfortable out on the run.

Run socially

friends exercising, running tips, epic run, Sam Strutt
Going for runs with your friends is fantastic for a number of reasons. Firstly, your friends will keep you accountable and they will help you stay focused on your training goals. Secondly, it’s a beautiful way to catch up with your friends when you’re really busy. Lastly, you’ll learn more about your training because you will be able to bounce training tips and advice off one another, which might stop you making avoidable mistakes.

Words by Sam Strutt, Nike+ Run Club Sydney Head Coach. 

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