A makeup expert's 6 tips on how to rock a red lip

One of Australia’s most sought after make-up artists reveals her top tips.

Whether it’s a cocktail party or just a Wednesday afternoon, a red lip is a perfect weapon in everyone women’s beauty arsenal. It exudes confidence and power, with a dash of sex appeal.

Keep scrolling for my expert tips on how to wear a red lip to suit your age and skin tone.


When it comes to wearing a bold red lip, preparation is key. I recommend powdering the edges of the lip line before applying your lipstick to ensure it will not feather.

Lip liner

red lipstick, red lip, lip liner, L'Oreal
Next, line your lips with a liner in the same shade as your red lipstick. If you want slightly bigger lips, then overdraw just a fraction on your upper and bottom lip for the appearance of a fuller pout.

Try → L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner Couture in Perfect Red.


Red Lipstick, red lip, L'Oreal, Tobi Henney
There’s a red to suit every skin tone and season. Orange-based reds are great for summer months, however in winter I think it is best to stick to a more classic blue-based red (a universally flattering shade) or a burgundy/red wine shade.

Try → L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Perfect Red.


White Glo, whitening toothpaste, red lip, Tobi Henney
I’ve recently been using White Glo toothpaste and the results are seriously amazing. When you get three compliments in one day that your teeth look whiter, you know you are on to something. Add a glamorous red lip to the equation and you’ll instantly notice the difference in your teeth.


Wearing a red lip can intimidate some, yet confidence makes all the difference.


I recommend keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum when wearing a red lip. Focus on perfecting your skin with a flawless base and slightly contouring or bronzing the cheeks. Ensure your eyes are not overdone. Simply work a few coats on mascara through the lashes and your makeup look will look sophisticated and sleek.

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