This Low-Impact Workout Will Tone Your Booty & Improve Your Balance

5 tried-and-true moves.

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For many people, getting a firm, tight butt is at the top of their fitness goals. But, a toned booty isn’t just about looks. In fact, working your glutes helps you move faster and stronger in the rest of your workouts, too. That’s why we love this do-anywhere workout from yogi, Kate Kendall. It’ll help transform your rear, and as an added bonus, help improve your balance and concentration!

“This is a powerful little sequence will test and promote balance and concentration as well as firm up your booty”—Kate Kendall.

B Is For Booty & Balance

Complete each posture on the same leg and then swap sides.


Eagle, balance, booty, bum workout, Kate Kendall
1. Start with your feet together and then, standing on your right foot, inhale the left knee over the right. Wrap your toes around the ankle.
2. Ensuring hips are square forward, inhale your arms out to shoulder height and then exhale, wrap your right arm above the left and work towards bringing the palms to touch.
3. Inhale lift through the spine and exhale bend the right knee until you feel some ‘burn’ in the right glute.
4. Keep the hips square and lengthen your elbows out and away from you as you draw the shoulders down the back. Hold for 5 breaths.

Warrior III

Warrior III, booty, balance, bum workout, yoga, Kate Kendall
1. From Eagle, standing on your right leg, inhale squeeze right leg straight, take hands to hips and hug left knee to chest.
2. Exhale extend your left leg back and ease your chest forward. Keep hands on hips or extend arms by side, as if flying.
3. Spread through toes of left leg and access that beautiful core strength for stability. Hold for 5 breaths.

Standing Split

standing split, balance, bum workout, yoga, Kate Kendall
1. Still on the right leg, place your hands or fingertips on the floor or a block.
2. Inhale the left leg as high as your right hamstring with allow.
3. Allow the head to drop effortlessly. Take 5-10 deep breaths.

Courtesy Lunge

Courtesy Lunge, balance, booty, yoga, workout

1. From standing split, inhale extend left leg, exhale lower left knee to the outside of the right ankle. Hover your knee over the floor.
2. Inhale the left leg up again.
3. Repeat 10 times.

Toe Balance – Stand

booty, balance, yoga, concentration, Kate Kendall ,workout

1. Taking both feet to the ground, big toes touching and with fingertips on the floor for stability, find a steady gaze point out in front.
2. Inhale take hands to prayer and lengthen your legs so that you end up on tippy toes.
3. Exhale slowly bring yourself back down to toe stand.
4. Repeat 5 times.

KK’s top tip: In each posture, focus on using core strength for stability as well as a soft gaze at one place, in any one posture. It’s all about the gaze, yogis.

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