This season's must-try nail shades

Plus, three ways to make your mani last longer.

For anyone looking for a new dose of nail inspiration, allow us to share four of the freshest shades that will work year-round. Whether you prefer neutrals or bold hues, you’re sure to find a winner below. Plus, we’ve got some top tips on how to make your manicure (or pedicure) last longer.

Amp up your mani with these on-trend hues


Grey nails, nail polish, RMS, Chanel, Kester Black
From pale grey to deep charcoal, these tonal hues are thoroughly modern.

“Grey is more commonly seen in colder months, however this year we’ve seen a different take on the shade. Pastel creamy greys in the warmer months; and cold, slate charcoals when the weather cools down,” says Monika Carvalho, The Nail Lab.

Shop (L – R) Chanel Garçonne, RMS Magnetic, Kester Black Soot.


Nude Nails, OPI, marc Jacobs, Revlon
Forget sheer nudes, this season it’s is all about the sexy, creamy beige. These shades are best worn on slightly rounded nails to keep you looking elegant and sharp.

Shop (L – R) OPI Pale To The Chief, Revlon 380 Elegant, Marc Jacobs Louise.


Nail Colours, nail polish, green, Essie, OPI, Burberry
If you’re looking to mix it up, green is an on-trend and surprisingly versatile nail option. Opt for pastel sea foam green in spring/summer, and bold emerald hues in autumn/winter.

Shop (L – R) Essie Mint Candy Apple, Burberry Sage Green, OPI Stay Off The Lawn!


coral nail polish, Mavala, Scout, Butter London
A classic coral is always going to be a nail colour staple, no matter what season we’re in. They’re playful and universally flattering – what’s not to love?

Shop (L – R) Mavala Tahiti, Butter London Trout Pout, Scout Cosmetics Come As Your Are.

3 ways to make your manicure last longer, according to Monika Carvalho, The Nail Lab

Cuticle oil – Keeping your nail beds supple with a daily dose of cuticle oil is paramount to keeping your mani perfect. Keep a bottle of it next to your toothbrush so you remember to apply each time you brush your teeth. We love our HYDRATE Peach and Almond Cuticle Oil.
Your nails are jewels, not tools – It’s a cliché that we’ve heard before, but looking after your mani is so important. Wear gloves when doing washing/gardening or any other kind of work with your hands.
Top up your top coat – Adding another layer of top coat 2-3 days into your mani can help extend the life of your lacquer and re-boot the shine. Try The Nail Lab’s PROTECT fast drying, high gloss top coat.

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