Nutritionist Jessica Sepel shares her day on a plate

From breakfast to dessert.

Jessica Sepel, day on a plate, nutritionist

Ever wondered what a nutritionist eats during an average day? You’re in luck. Nutritionist, health blogger and author of The Healthy Life, Jessica Sepel has shared what her day on a plate really looks like.

Jessica Sepel: my day on a plate


I wake up to a warm lemon water or a shot of apple cider vinegar to fire up digestion and detoxify my body first thing in the morning. Then I’ll start my day with some movement – a walk in nature, 30-45 minutes of yoga or a HIIT/weights session.


Breakfast is usually my power protein smoothie topped with homemade granola, mixed nuts and seeds or an egg-based brekky with avocado and greens. I also have my one-a-day piccolo coffee.


A mid-morning snack is essential for regulating blood sugar and keeping energy levels high – I love a handful of raw walnuts or raw veggies with tahini or hummus between clients and meetings.


I usually have a dark, leafy green salad (packed with broccoli, rocket and spinach) with a portion of protein (sustainably-sourced tuna, organic chicken or lentils) with a complex gluten-free carbohydrate (quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato are my faves). I also always make sure to include a good fat – like avocado, hummus or a sprinkle of mixed seeds to keep me satiated and avoid pesky sugar cravings in the afternoon. My go-to salad dressing is a combination of olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and Dijon mustard.


I love a cup of herbal tea with a few spoonfuls of organic Greek yoghurt with cinnamon and stevia to sweeten. Or 2-3 of my sugar-free protein balls, carrot sticks with hummus or 2 brown rice cakes with almond butter. This is also an ideal time to take a 30-minute switch off – or as I call it, entering the JSHealth Stress Free Zone. I make this a priority every single day. Sometimes I’ll just shut the door, put my legs up the wall and rest. I also love to read, meditate, practice yoga, go for a walk – as long as my phone is off!


I try to have an early dinner whenever possible to allow my digestion to settle before bed. One of my favourite dinners is my Japanese-inspired grilled salmon with a side of roasted veggies (brussels sprouts!) and a green salad. I love to keep it simple – flavouring meals with lots of herbs and spices. I also switch my phone off to assist my nervous system with truly resting after a really big day.


Chai tea and chill time! If I feel like something sweet I’ll have dessert at around 8pm, after I’ve switched off for the night. Enjoying a couple of squares of dark chocolate or some blueberries and Greek yoghurt is a beautiful way to end the day.

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