Torah Bright's tried & true winter skincare tips

The professional snowboarder reveals all.

Spending most of her winter days in the mountains, professional snowboarder and ROXY ambassador, Torah Bright certainly knows the best ways to avoid dry, flaky skin in the colder months.

Read on to see what protective gear, skin care regime and products help keep Torah’s skin looking and feeling beautiful.

Winter can tend to cause dryness for most of us. How do you keep your skin fresh considering you spend so much time in the snow?

Torah Bright, winter skin, skincare regime, snow, dry skin, winter
I rely on a good skin regime, sunscreen and cover-ups. I like to tuck a neck warmer under my googles to protect my skin from the elements.

Are there any skincare products that you can’t live without?

I have recently started using Arbonne, and I have never been so obsessed with skincare – it’s heaven!

What is your ultimate lip balm for dry, chapped lips?

I always try to stick to the less toxic zinc-based lip balms. I love Jane Iredale’s LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm and Arbonne’s lip treatment.

Sunscreen is key when in the snow. Have you found a favourite brand to use on your face when riding?

Torah Bright, snowboarding, Roxy snow, winter, skin, dry skin
Arbonne! It’s the only zinc sunscreen that I have found that doesn’t take forever to rub in and doesn’t leave me ghostly white!

Do you treat yourself any skin treatments?

I love a hot bath and a face mask!

Being a professional snowboarder involves a lot of travel. Do you have any personal skincare tips you follow when flying around the globe?

By the time I am sitting on a plane, I’m almost passed out. But, I do love traveling with face wipes so that I can clean my skin before a long flight. I will also have a lip treatment and eye cream with me for a little pamper before I go off to sleep or when I wake.

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