These 5 stylish yoga mats will transform your practice

They're a welcome distraction while in plank pose.

Feeling a little dull in downward dog? Maybe you’re looking down at the same old same old yoga mat you’ve been grounding your knuckles in and spreading your toes on for a while now. Yoga mats, although simple and effective, are more important to your practice then you think.
Granted, when it comes to the sanctity of your mat, you’ve probably considered thickness, texture and grip as the reigning criteria. But, times are changing and chances are your little rectangle has seen one too many chaturangas. It’s time for an upgrade, and your yoga mat should be as lively as those printed tights you just splurged on.
So without further ado, here are five yoga mats to consider next time you need a distraction while in plank pose.

5 yoga mats to liven up your practice

La Vie Boheme Yoga

La Vie Boheme Yoga, yoga mats
Owners and founders Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova combined their love of travel, fashion and yoga to create La Vie Boheme Yoga. Their mats come in an array of eclectic styles; from aztec prints, mandalas and lace to exotic designs of palms and cacti. We love the boho vibes that are spread throughout the mats and are already planning our next tropical yoga retreat around them.

Yin Yoga Mats

Yin Yoga Mats
Inspired by exotic destinations like Morroco and Mexico, Yin Yoga Mats is the brainchild of Sydney-based yogi and designer Kirsty Walsh. They’re made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and feature a non slip suede grippy surface. PVC and chemical free, we love the polka dot-like design of the Pebble mat and the stripes of the Berber Strip mat. The subtle, yet distinctive, designs make for a great addition to your yoga arsenal.

Yellow Willow

Yellow Willow, yoga mats
With beautiful designs and exceptional quality, Yellow Willow is a perfection combination of style and performance. The intricate and abstract designs are a sure way to make heads turn, even in forward fold. Seriously, if you’re going to face plant in hand stand (because face it, we all do), then may as well fall on a stylish, pink mandala design. Plus, the micro suede top fabric is bonded to 100% biodegradable rubber to give your grip and softness. Style, flow, performance – what’s not to love?

Kamuka Yoga

Kamuka Yoga, yoga mats
From beskope pieces of art to photography and bohemian influences, we love the artsy designs of Kamuka YogaThink splashes of eclectic shapes, prints of the ocean and floral designs, all finished off with a K-Grip top to make sure your sweaty palms stay in place.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman, yoga mats
Mara Hoffman has a few select and seriously cool mats that will add a burst of colour to your practice. If you’re looking to make fellow yogi’s lust after your excellent alignment AND your great fashion sense, then look no further. 

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