Is cockroach milk the health drink of the future?

Plus three other surprising milk alternatives you might not know about.

Surprising Milk Alternatives, camel milk, pea milk, rice milk, cockroach milk

With a bevy of milk alternatives flooding the market, the non-dairy ‘milk’ industry will leave you spoiled for choice (pun intended). However, with so many options available it can be difficult to know which ones are worth trying. So, here are the alternatives you need to taste.

Tired of soy? Try one of these surprising milk alternatives

Pea milk

Produced from yellow split peas by Ripple Foods, pea milk is said to be creamier and less chalky than other milk alternatives. It contains the same amount of protein as dairy milk, and is nut, soy and wheat free. Pea milk also leaves a smaller environmental footprint than its dairy counterpart, and comes in a variety of flavours including vanilla and chocolate.

Cockroach milk

While not milk in the traditional sense, cockroach milk is being touted as a potential superfood. Containing around four times the energy of an equivalent amount of cow milk, it’s protein rich and full of sugars, amino acids and lipids. Researchers are also hoping to bioengineer cockroach milk in the future as a more sustainable alternative.

Camel milk

Camel milk has been part of the diet of the Bedouin tribes for generations in the Middle East. According to research, camel milk provides a richer source of protein than dairy milk and boasts a reduced carbon footprint. This means that it’s better for you and the environment. In addition, camel milk is non-allergic and contains antimicrobial protein. Camel milk has even been used to make facial scrubs and other beauty products.

Rice milk

Rice milk is vegan friendly and contains no lactose or cholesterol. The traditional method for producing rice milk involves pressing brown rice through a mill before the pressed grains are strained. Rice milk can also be made at home, although this process will lack the nutritional benefits that store bought brands possess. Pure Harvest’s organic rice milk is an Australian product that has the added benefit of being enriched with calcium, and is also sugar and gluten free.

For the low down on other milk alternatives, check out our expert’s guide.


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