This Superfood Powder Mix is Made with Plants to Help You De-Stress & Unwind

All hail plants

plant-based diet Sunwink
courtesy of Sunwink

In this ever-changing new normal, we are all looking for ways to improve our health and better ourselves, in part by incorporating more of a plant-based diet into our lives. Finding ways to incorporate more plants outside of your lunch salad and morning smoothie routine? Now that’s the hard part. Luckily, Sunwink — the creator of plant-powered sparkling tonics — just launched a seriously easy way to get more plants into your everyday with their Superfood Powder Mixes.

The Superfood Powder Mixes are powders made with whole-plant extracts and no additives or artificial sweeteners. These magical powders can be used in almost anything — think adding to water, smoothies, or even cocktails and cupcakes (like this decadent and delicious baked good like Chloe Coscarelli’s Chocolate Banana Muffins featuring their Cacao Clarity powder). Rather than using small amounts of superfood compounds or artificial sweeteners, Sunwink uses whole-plant extracts and a thorough vetting process to ensure no additives are in processing, making it even easier to get plants into your daily diets.

Plant based diet Sunwink
Courtesy of Sunwink

Why a Plant-Based Diet?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, if followed properly, a plant-based diet limiting the use of oils, added sugars and processed foods, leaving only whole foods and extracts can maximize your nutrient intake and studies show that a plant-based diet can lower your body weight and lower your LDL cholesterol. Time and time again, research underscores the validity of following plant-based diets and Sunwink’s Superfood Powder Mixes are an easy-to-use tool for incorporating plants into your everyday routine with the ease of mixing it into just about anything, with both flavors, their Berry Calm and Cacao Clarity, available for purchase on Amazon and, and available to your doorstep in just two days or less.

Sunwink’s Superfood Powder Mixes were designed for specific use cases; their Berry Calm is made from lemon balm, ashwagandha, and reishi and was designed to help you de-stress and unwind each day with their Cacao Clarity providing clarity and focus boasting lion’s mane, reishi and maca. Using the power of plants to de-stress and unwind, or provide clarity and focus? Sign us up! Read more about Sunwink and their plant-powered mission at

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