Barre Attack Is The New Workout Fusing HIIT With Barre For Serious Results

Barre Attack class at Balance Moves Bondi with Renee Scott

If you’ve ever been to a barre class and found it, well, a little easy, we can guarantee you weren’t doing Barre Attack. Designed by former professional ballerina, Renee Scott, Barre Attack is a new workout method that combines the body-sculpting moves of Pilates and ballet with the heart-pumping cardio of a HIIT workout. It’s low impact but high intensity, and we’re obsessed.
But we’re not the only ones—over 10,000 women in Australia take the class each week. In just a few years, Barre Attack has taken over the barre scene. It’s now available at Fitness First, Virgin Active and hundreds of other locations but Bondi Beach is where it was born.
Founder, Renee Scott is a Bondi local and the owner of the fitness studio, Balance Moves, but she’s not your average personal trainer. At age 15, Renee began her career in Germany as a dancer with The Hamburg Ballet Company. She later trained as a Pilates instructor under the direct descendant of Joseph Pilates. She was certified in the New York Pilates Method—the first and oldest Pilates professional training program in the world—and has studied Kundalini yoga. It’s this experience that makes Barre Attack so unique.

But seriously, what’s so good about it?

HIIT is effective for weight loss but it often neglects the smaller muscles responsible for shaping and toning. Similarly, barre may work the muscles but it doesn’t always get you into the cardiovascular zone for maximum calorie burning. Barre Attack does both. It’s 45 minutes of serious sculpting and sweating, and boy is it effective.
If you’ve never found barre quite enough but you love its body-shaping benefits, try Barre Attack. Better yet, try it first-hand with a live DJ, taught by Renee Scott herself at ‘Beats By Barre Attack’ tomorrow night in Sydney. It’s going to be epic.

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