The Solar Eclipse Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track

Solar Eclipse 2017
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In case you have been hiding out under a rock for the past week: millions of people across the United States are about to see the country’s first solar eclipse in almost a century. Today, the moon, sun, and Earth will be in perfect alignment, offering an incredible display in the sky that will last about 2.5 minutes. The event kicks off in Oregon about 10:15 a.m. local time before moving eastward, ending an hour and a half later in South Carolina. 

Aside from the celestial light show, this eclipse is one of the best times to set and manifest your intentions—no matter where you are in the world. In astrological circles, solar eclipses are a big deal because they encourage evolution and growth. Today, and for the next couple of days following the eclipse, the universe is shining a bright light on parts of us that may have veered far off course.

New York-based celebrity astrologer, Rebecca Gordon of My Path Astrology, told Amodrn that the eclipse basically “resets” our life. She says that when the moon crosses over the path of our sun and everything goes dark, it’s as if “the radio station of planet earth turns off and the power goes out for a moment in time.”

By the time the moon travels across and clears the other side of our Sun, a brand new post-eclipse light will begin to shine from our sun—and this broadcast (and your life) is forever different to what was before the eclipse.
This change has huge astrological implications: “After an eclipse, we can no longer dance to the same old music anymore, whether it be a job, a thought, a relationship, a home, or a habit,” Rebecca told us. “That old power source no longer exists because there has been a sort of power outage and a cosmic upgrade.”
If you’re into astrology, this is powerful stuff—and perfect conditions for accelerated personal growth. Basically, the entire universe is conspiring to move you faster towards where you’re supposed to be right now, and there are a few things you can do to make the most of it.

Lean into a challenging situation.

Rebecca says now is the time to lean into a new challenge that is way outside from your old comfort zone. “Trust the eclipse path and let it work with you,” she explained. Today particularly, leave time and space in your day for the unexpected and to process all that is happening in your life. You will need it. “This is essential so that you can release what is no longer relevant and also seize new opportunity,” Rebecca told us.

Release what is no longer relevant and also seize new opportunity.

Reach out to high vibe friends.

Find those super positive people in your life, and hold them close today. “It will be most important that you stay in your radiant light, despite the fear and shadow self that can also creep up during this time,” Rebecca suggested.
“A good practice in Eclipse Season is to imagine that there is an actual sun beaming out from your heart and shining in all directions around you. Stay in your light and reach out to your high vibe friends if you’re starting to question yourself. Also be there for others who may need the extra love and support,” she added.

Let go of the baggage.

Eclipses are here to help us to evolve, and this one is an invitation to turn off the power in one area of your life, whether it’s a relationship that just doesn’t feel right, a job you hate, or something else. “If you hesitate and hold fast to the past, the rug will be pulled from beneath you anyway,” Rebecca warned.

Take a leap of courage.

Whether you like it or not, change is inevitable this time of year. Today, Rebecca recommends you “let a layer of skin shed away; it may be something that once gave you security like an old job, a home, a relationship, or perhaps even a habit, or way of seeing yourself.” She added: “If it feels scary and new and you’re leaving the comfortable and safe existence behind, that means you’re likely on the right track.”

If it feels scary and new and you’re leaving the comfortable and safe existence behind, that means you’re likely on the right track.

Expect change to land in unexpected ways—the eclipse often shows things to you and present a challenge. “We may have one intention in mind, though the universe may reveal something much more grand that your mind could not even fathom. It’s about becoming brighter and more of who you are,” Rebecca said.
Once you do take a leap of courage, she says your “previous reality will soon dissolve into a much more exciting new reality.”
Comfortingly, this new reality is likely to be a positive change. “This is a friendly eclipse in Leo conjunct the North Node,” Rebecca said. “This means the universe is pushing you towards what’s next. You will feel a strong gush of wind behind you pushing you much faster than you could run on your own—as if you are not even the one steering for a while. It angles to Saturn and Uranus in the sky, showing me that the journey will be full of synchronicity and a secure landing is very possible when you make this leap into a bright unknown.”

Embrace changes all week.

Finally, if you don’t quit your job, end a toxic friendship, or tell that guy at your coffee shop how you really feel about him today, you have all week to make a move. “The week following the eclipse is extremely potent for new beginnings because it has the power of 12 new moons all rolled into one,” Rebecca told us.
Want to learn more about astrology? Check out Rebecca Gordon’s astrology school, kicking off this October.

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