This Is Why We Feel Like We’re The Only Single Ones

Dr. Lurve gives us the 101 on how to deal with all the nonsense you encounter when you're not in a relationship.

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As the summer draws closer and the warmer months are on the horizon, it can start to feel like you’re the only single friend in your girl gang these days. While summer is usually all about pool parties, balmy nights sipping cocktails and hooking up with cute guys, the cuffing season is about to kick off. It’ll have your friends shacking up with the guy they’ve been seeing for the past few months and putting their new beau as a top priority. Being single becomes your MO. 

When you’re the only single one in your group, it can feel like you’re always the third, fifth or seventh wheel when you catch up with your girlfriends. While they’ve been getting cozy with their new partner you’ve been enjoying your singledom, which is awesome – you play by your own rules, have all the freedom in the world and make your own choices because you got you to boo!

While having the time of your life can be rewarding in many ways, there are times where you may feel like you’re the only single person left in the world. Obviously, this isn’t true, but when all you see are couple selfies on social media and you’re constantly surrounded by couples when you go out for dinner, the feeling can be overwhelming.

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What To Do If You’re The Single One In Your Group

Make Sure You Catch Up, Minus Partners

Right now it feels like all of your friends are in a couple. You’re happy for them but there’s a small chance you’re feeling annoyance. They keep bringing their boyfriends or girlfriends with them whenever you want to catch up. Bringing partners to your usual dinners will start to shift the group dynamic; your normal crew might act a certain way with each other but feel more inclined to act differently when their partners are present.

While your friends will make time to catch up for some much needed one-on-one time, it might feel like you need to emphasize on the fact it’s just the two of you before you meet up — just in case you wanted to spill some juicy goss about your sex life and they bring their beau… talk about awkward.

Get To Know Your Friend’s Partners

It can be easy to think of them as the enemy, after all, they’ve taken away your besties from you, but rather than making it uncomfortable and awkward when they’re around, it pays off getting to know them. By putting in effort with your friends’ partners, you’re showing them you want to be able to hang with them in any situation – this makes it easier for your besties when planning movie nights or birthday drinks.

Who knows, you might actually become good friends with their partners as you find out you have more in common than just enjoying your friend’s company. Find out why your bestie loves them so much and you might just find you love spending time with them as a couple too. Plus, if they have cute single friends it could work in your favor (if you’re looking)! Being single has its advantages!

Find Friends Who Love Being Single

We get it, being single and making friends is a lot harder than when you were younger and could make a new best friend by the end of recess – we actually have to go outside and mingle! While it can be daunting thinking of making new friends and learning who you do and don’t get along with, it will be very rewarding in the long run and you might gain some friends for life.

We become comfortable and complacent with our friends because it’s familiar, but when we step out of those creature comforts to find new friends, it opens up a world of possibility. Ways to make new friends are easier than you think; it can be as simple as starting with a common hobby like joining an adult art class that involves wine or playing a sport you love with the local team. Even joining your couple friends at their partner’s birthday will help you meet new people and become part of a bigger circle of friends, while still being associated with your current ones. Being single is great!

At the end of the day, it isn’t so bad being the only single friend in your group. After all, you’re leading this exciting single life that they’re secretly jealous of, plus you always have stories to tell at the group dinner because your friends are living vicariously through you! Never feel pressure to be part of a couple. Being single is great for many reasons, so when the next person comes along you’ll know your worth.

While you’re here, check out Dr. Lurve’s insider tips on how to make the best out of your Valentine’s Day being single

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