8 Reasons Why Being Single Could Be The Best Version Of Self-Care

The pros of riding solo.

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Dr Lurve is Australia’s leading love and relationship expert! Based in Sydney, she specialises in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships. A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love and couples ready to make love last forever, she is the singular authority on how to make a long-lasting relationship. The Lurve Lab is Dr Lurve’s signature series of courses, seminars, talks and intensives for those ready to find, cultivate, and keep love. From discovering chemistry to transforming love gone wrong, Dr Lurve guides couples in creating connections that can last a lifetime. 

I don’t know what all the fuss is! What is so bad about being single?

There is a myth that singles suffer in their singlehood, that they must be depressed, chronically lonely and they might never find happiness or security ever! Absurd!
Don’t let social and cultural expectations sway you. These entrenched ideas are exactly what contributes to people’s fear of being single, the anxiety that you will never find a romantic partner. Our culture not only promotes the idea that romantic relationships are everything, but positions them as the only source of our happiness and wellbeing. In contrast, it also stigmatizes those who are single. It’s almost likening singledom as a big failure or assuming those that are single might have some sort of personality problem.
The social and cultural pressure put on our single friends often drive them to compromise on the quality of their relationships for the sake of being attached. Those that are fearful of being single tend to find themselves in unhappy romantic relationships, as compared to those who are okay with the idea of being single. This suggests those with a fear of being single, the fear will have an intense influence on the types of people these individuals date.
We are relational beings, connection and love are very important to us but for some people, it just isn’t the right time and that’s okay. Here are 8 things to remind you why being single are a blessing in disguise and the ultimate sense of self-care.

1. Enjoy the freedom

Things are always temporary, whether you’re single or in a relationship, things always change. Forget about trying to control the change, just allow whatever comes your way to come your way. There is a freedom associated with letting go of how things should be.

2. Learn about yourself

The best time to learn about yourself is when you’re single. This is the time to work on yourself, reassess your needs and wants and potentially develop yourself into the type of person you would like to date! Like attracts like!

3. Practice gratitude

Being single gives you time to be grateful! Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t.

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4. More time

You have more time to contribute and give back when you’re single. It’s amazing how charity work or contributing to a cause close to your heart helps fill you up.

5. Know what you want

What you look for in a partner change’s as you get older, this is a good thing! You will be much clearer, with better insight to make that relationship decisions when it comes up.

6. Be independent

Being single offers you a degree of independence and allows you to build strong friendships, family relations and allows you to put more time and energy towards meeting new people.

7. Find your passion

You have more time to discover your real interests and hobbies, without being attached to someone else’s emotions and interests.

8. Love your own company

Being single gives you time to become confident in who you are on your own! This can be an incredibly hard process but will also be the most rewarding opportunity as you move through life’s many journeys.

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