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This Is What Good Sex Really Is, According to Singles in America

And yes, the research is from people of all ages.

When it comes to online dating and helping people find a partner, knows a thing or two about intimacy. And now, the dating site has released its annual Singles in America survey, where they really dug into what it means to be single, and date, in America.
With more than 5,000 survey participants (aging anywhere from 18 to 70-years old), and of all ethnicities and sexual orientations, the site was able to get the real scoop on what single people across the country are really looking for when it comes to finding their next FWB, hookup, or relationship. And if you’re wondering, yes, Trump did come up. But there was more.

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This Is What Good Sex Really Is, According to Singles in America

1) The Three Paths to Romance

When it comes to finding a relationship that’s a tad bit more serious, Singles in America revealed that they tend to take one of three options: build a friendship first and hang out (40% of people), have a friends with benefits relationship (55% of people have admitted to having one), or go on an official first date (44% of people). Some choose a combination of all three, but when it comes to making the move, it’s really about finding the mix that’s right for you. And if you choose the first date options, you better give your partner a two to three day heads-up. That’s most appropriate, reveals. End it with a peck on the cheek — that’s the most appropriate.

2) Use Social Media Wisely

Since nearly two-thirds of singles use social media at least once every day, it plays a fairly significant part in dating etiquette. We’re not #shocked. But if you’ve yet to have your first date, 81% of people say you should definitely not friend them on Facebook. Hear that? Don’t hit that “friend request” button. And 81% of people say it’s a total no-no to follow anyone on Instagram without meeting in person first.
But once you’ve made it official, 66% of singles in America say it’s perfectly acceptable to change that relationship status.

3) Ladies, Here’s What We Want

According to Singles in America, it’s “a time when there’s increased focus to respecting boundaries and paying closer attention to what people want,” and women want to be comfortable (79%), followed by happy (35%) and liked (27%).

On a first date, they would like to be complimented on their appearance (84%), hugged (82%), and kissed on the cheek (71%). On top of that 45% of ladies think it’s appropriate to split the bill, but you should ditch that phone. Glancing down at your phone is the number one way to turn off your date. Always.

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And When It Comes to Sex, Here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Robot

When it comes to good sex, it’s all about having a caring and enthusiastic partner (83%), good communication (78%), being a good kisser (76%), and having an orgasm (75%). But you can kill the mood rather quickly, singles in America reveal, if you talk too much during sex, have no passion, have very little movement, and are a bad kisser. But there is hope for us all. Single women have their best sex at the age of 66, so it does get better over time. And if you’re thinking of ditching that intimate personal contact, you’re likely not alone. “There has been much discussion about the threat of robots taking our jobs, but what about our places in the bedroom?” the survey asks. “One in four singles would have sex with a robot, yet nearly half of singles would consider it cheating if their partner had sex with a robot.”
Singles in America — they really know how to keep things spicy.

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