This High-Vibe Dance Fitness Studio In NYC Will Make You Sweat

A fun take on cardio!

dance fitness studio nyc

Does the thought of dance cardio make you want to run for the hills? I totally feel you. Well, at least I could relate a year ago before I stumbled upon the high-vibe, tough yet seriously fun classes at DanceBody, a dance-inspired fitness studio based in New York City. I’ll be the first to admit–I’ll try just about any workout class (and I’ve made my rounds in the NYC fitness scene for sure) but dance classes have always intimidated me. And after one particularly bad experience at a not-to-be-named class where I was basically shamed by an instructor for not keeping up, dance just wasn’t my workout of choice.
After deciding to leave my previous experiences with dance cardio at the door, I finally decided to give DanceBody a chance. I started with a “Follow Along” class at the NoMad studio with Katia Pryce, the CEO, and founder, who helped me get over my dance cardiophobia really fast. Let’s just say I don’t actually remember much from that first class due to my brain and body being 100% on to keep up with Katia (in a good way!), and that it felt like a dance party with amazing music, except with a super athletic twist (think dropping to the floor to do burpees or push-ups mid-dance).
The class ended with me completely drenched and feeling like every muscle in my body was challenged. Even though I may have felt far from confident in my dance moves during that first class, I left with an endorphin high that only comes from the magical combination of a killer playlist, paired with a tough workout and a high-energy trainer like Pryce.

dance fitness studio
Image: DanceBody

DanceBody was born when Pryce (a former pro-dancer) couldn’t find the workout she wanted–even in the fitness mecca that is NYC. “I created DanceBody out of selfish want for a workout that didn’t exist. I had a very specific idea of the result I wanted: the lean lines of dancer and to be strong and athletic,” Pryce tells me.
Athletic is definitely one word to describe the classes at DanceBody. By the way–there are 6 types of classes ranging from a beginner-friendly “Follow Along” class to toning-focused “Sculpt” class–and things get more advanced in the “Full Out” and “Level 10” classes. The set dances change every three months, giving clients enough time to learn the dances but not get bored with the same choreo.
If you’re slightly skeptical that a dance class can give you a “real” workout–know you that you can expect to do as many “athletic moves” like burpees, pushups, lunges, and planks as plies or grapevines in a DanceBody class. The classes will seriously challenge your strength, stamina, and coordination and push you to stop thinking about what you look like and just focus on what you came for: the workout (and nailing some cool new dance moves doesn’t hurt, of course).
dance fitness studio
Image: DanceBody

And if you’re not based in NYC or Miami, you can still experience the classes since the DanceBody streaming platform, DanceBody@Home offers all of the same class variations you can take in the studios. Plus, DanceBody recently added live streaming classes, which means you can take classes in real time with the trainers and clients based in NYC. The live classes are offered most days and can be replayed for up to 24 hours (in case you can’t make the live class time). “I started out as an at home workout junkie, so I knew we would need to bring the workout to people who didn’t have access to it,” Pryce says.
Whether you show up to the studio (or stream from home) with the goal to seriously sweat or add some cool new dance moves to your repertoire–DanceBody is an inclusive, fun community of former-dancers-turned-trainers who are #fitnessgoals and are as serious about getting you into shape as they are about making sure you have fun and leave feeling awesome.

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