Barry's Is Set To Open Their Biggest Global Studio Yet In Sydney

Bigger and better than ever!

barry's bootcamp martin place sydney

It’s the global fitness phenomenon that has both celebrities and anyone who’s interested in burning 1000 calories, (yes, us!) hooked. And guess what? It’s set to open its BIGGEST flagship studio in the world… right here in Sydney!
Located in Martin Place with classes commencing on Saturday, November 17, this is the second studio to launch in Sydney—the first opening in Surry Hills in September.
The Barry’s Bootcamp chain has revolutionised the fitness industry, known for their signature 55-minute high-intensity workouts. Incase you need a refresher or are yet to give Barry’s a go for yourself (top tip; you might wanna get onto that ASAP) the workouts are designed to make you SWEAT.
They involve 25 minutes of treadmill work, followed by 25 minutes of strength and conditioning, leaving 5 minutes at the end to stretch it all out. The aim? Tone muscle, incinerate fat and to create a spike in metabolism for up to 48 hours after the session has ended.

barry's bootcamp
Image: Supplied by Barry’s Bootcamp

Expect all that you know and love from the ‘Red Room’ which promotes a high vibe space. In true Barry’s style, the playlist is also tailored to get your heart pumping and working harder than you ever have before.
By now, you’re either getting into your activewear, ready to burn those calories, or you’re questioning ‘Is this too good to be true?’.
The answer is no, and 65,000+ global clients of Barry’s have two simple words that sum up why—it works.
Speaking of activewear, the studio will host a seasonal edit of Barry’s branded performance wear alongside co-branded apparel by Lululemon and a new collection from Bondi-based label, Nimble Activewear.
If that doesn’t entice you to tie up that messy-workout-bun, maybe their Fuel Bar will. The Fuel Bar menu includes local Australian produce and nutritionally approved protein smoothies to help out with that post-workout burn (and trust us, you’re definitely going to feel the burn).

Designed for a class capacity of 57 clients, the studio also features fully-equiped change room facilities, fitted with premium shower products including Dry Bar and Oribe—and if the endorphins keep flowing, singing in the shower is highly encouraged, if not expected.
Barry’s Bootcamp, Martin Place opens on Saturday, November 17 and is located at 52 Martin Place, entrance via 20 Elizabeth Street. Visit for more.

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