This Easter, You Can Pay For Your Holiday With Exercise

Yes, really.

If you’re looking to extend your summer with a mini Easter getaway but are a little strapped for cash, there’s still a way to enjoy the sun and great outdoors, without redrawing on your mortgage.
Stayz, the holiday rental site, have launched a new initiative called ‘StayzFit’ that allows people to pay for their holiday house with the number of steps they take. That’s right, you’ll be motivated to stay active, and if you move enough you’ll be able to get a full refund on your holiday house.
We know, we know — this is very exciting.

Here’s how it works

If you book one of Stayz’s participating homes between 10-24th of April, you pay for your accommodation in full, but you’ll get step a tracker upon arrival. At the end of your stay, they’ll convert your steps to currency and refund your savings. Essentially, the more you move, the bigger discount you’ll receive for your holiday house. For example, if you stay for one night and manage to clock up 120,000 steps, it’s totally free.

Check out some of the participating properties

There are 13 StayzFit properties around Australia to choose from, each boasting all the amenities an active traveller might want and more (private tennis court, anyone?). Keep scrolling to take a sneak peek.

holiday, Stayz, affordable, travel
Image: Beach Pavilions, Port Douglas, QLD

holiday, free travel, accommodation
Image: Desiderata, Kangaroo Valley, NSW

holiday, free travel, Stayz
Image: Merricks North Retreat, Merricks North, VIC

family holiday, free travel, Stayz
Image: The Ultimate Family Entertainer, Gold Coast, QLD

Holiday, travel, Stayz
Image: Cornwallis House, Hawkesbury River, NSW

holiday, travel, Stayz
Image: The Sanctuary, Deep Creek, SA

Holiday, accomodation, travel
Image: A Symphony of Sun & Sea, Rye, VIC

So, what are you waiting for? Put in your notice and pack your runners—it’s the perfect option for a rejuvenating break.

April is known to be noticeably cooler, so you’ll need some chic tran-seasonal athleisure gear to keep you warm on your trip. These 15 pieces will make those chilly mornings and nights a lot more bearable.

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