The Amazing Way This Beauty Blogger Cured Her Acne Naturally

These before and after photos are insane.

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Rachel Crawley, who ‘grams under @asprinkleofhealthandbeauty, recently shared an incredible photo. As a British beauty pageant contestant with over 12,000 followers on Instagram, it’s not what you’d expect. It was an image of her “cystic, red, [and] sore breakouts” along with a progress shot of how much her complexion’s improved in just a couple of months. But the most shocking thing was the cure. Instead of relying on medication and prescription creams, Crawley made small diet and lifestyle tweaks and both simplified and cleaned-up her beauty routine.
“People are happy to take strong medication that can lead to bad side effects in our bodies but aren’t willing to change their diet which is safe and better for our health,” Crawley captioned a photo of her skin, adding that she’s not ashamed of her scars or breakouts: “Most people with acne don’t share it because they’re ashamed but why should we be? It’s only a stage in our life, it won’t last forever and it certainly doesn’t make us any less of a person.”

Crawley says she was bullied for her acne for years and turned down the opportunity to participate in a beauty pageant as a teen because she felt too insecure—however, her perspective has changed drastically recently. Now 22-years-old, she candidly shares her acne treatment routine and journey with thousands on Instagram, along with some seriously amazing before and after photos.

The new skin care routine that she swears has helped cure her acne is pretty simple and natural: First, she cleanses, then applies a “thin layer of aloe vera gel” all over her face, followed by rosehip oil. “You only need 2-3 drops, massage it into the back of your hand to heat it up and in circular motions massage into your scarred areas,” Crawley wrote. “This is a routine that has been working for me and I see results from!” She also exfoliates twice per week and uses face masks at home several times per week to treat the breakouts, redness, and marks. “My scars are very deep especially where my cheeks are as you can see around my chin is clearing up nicely,” Crawley explained.

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