These 15 Chic Athleisure Pieces Will Keep You Warm After The Gym

Stay chic and cosy en route from the gym.

In summer, it’s generally not too hard to find the motivation to exercise. Sure, the thought of doing a boot camp on one of those sweltering 30+ degrees days is rather unpleasant, but generally, the warmer temps and extra hours of daylight make schlepping to and from the gym NBD. Then, autumn arrives and all of a sudden, getting out of bed for an a.m gym session is the very last thing you feel like doing. “I’ll just go tonight,” you tell yourself. But when that time arrives, it’s dark and cold and all you want to do is wrap yourself in a blanket and watch Netflix.
But did you know that having cute, cosy athleisure gear to throw on after your workout is scientifically proven to motivate you to go to the gym? Okay, I made that up—but it definitely makes those chilly mornings and nights a lot more bearable! That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the chicest tran-seasonal athleisure pieces, that will keep you warm en route to/from the gym.

Puma Xtreme Oversized Jacket

Shop the Puma Xtreme Oversized Jacket.

Adidas Hooded Sweatshirt

Shop the Adidas Hooded Sweatshirt.

Blac Noir Ballet Wrap Hoodie

Shop the Blac Noir Ballet Wrap Hoodie.

First Base Shock Waves Sweater

Shop the First Base Shock Waves Sweater.

P.E Nation The Hurricane Jacket

Shop the P.E Nation The Hurricane Jacket.

Cotton On Body Turtleneck Knit

Shop the Cotton On Body Turtleneck Knit.

Superdry Studio Cardigan

Shop the Superdry Studio Cardigan.

Ivy Park Sweatshirt

Shop the Ivy Park Sweatshirt.

Lorna Jane Cosy Oversized Knit Top

Shop the Lorna Jane Cosy Oversized Knit Top.

Cotton On Body Get Puffed Vest

Shop the Cotton On Body Get Puffed Vest.

Lululemon Sit In Lotus Wrap

Shop the Lululemon Sit In Lotus Wrap.

Spiritual Gangster Collegiate Arch Crop Sweatshirt

Shop the Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt.

Spiritual Gangster Good Vibes Sweatpants

Shop the Spiritual Gangster Sweatpants.

Lululemon Re-form Vest

Shop the Lululemon Re-form Vest.

L’urv High and Mighty Jacket

Shop the L’urv High and Mighty Jacket.

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