This Bathroom Accessory Can Actually Help You Poop Better

Turns out, squatty potty's aren't just for kids!

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If your system is feeling a little bit, err, backed up, then it might be time to change up your bathroom setup. Yes, adding fiber-filled foods to your diet or drinking additional water are surefire ways to make sure your digestive system is working efficiently, but if you just want to poop better, it might be time to invest in one handy bathroom accessory.
According to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, adding in some defecation postural modification devices (DPMDs)—or products like the aptly, and easier named, Squatty Potty—might be the key to helping you poop. And no, they’re not just for little kids, and here’s why.

Fun fact: The squatting position, researchers have long ago determined, is the most natural and bowel-friendly position in which to poop. You can simply squat on your toilet, with your feet on the seat, or place your feet on a stool while doing your business. Either one works, but the key is to elevate your knees above your hips.

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To determine whether or not this was truly the best way to relieve yourself, researchers at Ohio State recruited 52 medical residents and their partners to track their bowel movement habits and results. Many complained of straining and the inability to fully poop, and constipation. They then incorporated the Squatty Potty into their routine for two weeks and determined that 90 per cent of the people with the Squatty Potty had less strain in their pooping, and many reported feeling properly “empty” post-bathroom visit.

And once the study completed, most of the participants noted that they would continue to use their Squatty Potty, AKA, it was a serious success. So once you’ve figured out what your poop says about you, and determined that it could use some improvement, why not try the knee-above-the-hips trick? It could just give you the relief you need.

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