These Are 7 Of The World's Best Healthy Fast Food Chains

healthy fast food chains
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The term ‘fast food’ is normally synonymous with grease-soaked junk you’re only eating because it’s your absolute last resort (or, you’re hungover AF). And why wouldn’t it be, when certain chains have dominated the convenience food industry for so long? Of course, many of these corporations have made the effort to add healthier options to their menus in recent years. But we’ve also seen a growing number of chains that focus solely on serving up speedy, healthy food options.
Enter, the rise of the healthy fast food chain — because sometimes, you CBF bringing your lunch to work but still want to eat well. From vegan drive-thrus to next level salad bars, we’ve rounded 7 of the world’s best healthy fast food chains.


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The best thing about this Australian healthy fast food chain is the amount of variety. Whether you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or keto, you’ll be able to find a range of breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack options. They currently have 10 stores across Australia — and counting!


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This California chain’s mission is to make healthy food available to everyone, by pricing their meals according to the neighbourhoods they serve. Not only is their food quick and accessible, it’s damn tasty — made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can check out their locations here.


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Natural born fillers.

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In the chilly UK climate, sometimes a takeaway salad for lunch just won’t do. We love the fact that healthy fast food chain Leon puts a healthier spin on classic English comfort foods like burgers, chips and pigs in a blanket. They have more than 50 restaurants across the UK.


A lunchtime favourite amongst health-conscious office workers, this US chain serves up farm-to-table salad bowls. They aren’t just any old salads either — you’ll find delicious, filling options like the fish taco bowl and a raw vegan take on pad thai. You can check out their 70+ locations across the US here.


You can’t fault healthy fast food chain Freshii on their variety — they’ve got everything from salads and bowls to burritos and a great breakfast menu. They even have a probiotic frozen yoghurt with a range of wholesome toppings. While they started in Canada, you can now find locations internationally across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and the UAE. With any luck, they’ll soon be as common as McDonalds!

Amy’s Drive Thru

We’ve written about US chain Amy’s Drive Thru before, but they deserve another mention for their vegan, gluten-free and organic meals. From burritos and burgers to pizza, they’ve put a healthier spin on all of our favourite fast food classics. They currently have a store in Rohnert Park California but are set to open six more locations next year.


Before this Australian fast-food chain hit the scene, options for road trips were limited to McDonalds, KFC or if you were lucky, Subway. But now, Oliver’s Real Food can be found in locations all the way up the east coast serving up virtuous options like salads, wraps and green beans in place of french fries.

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