Oliver's is the world's first certified organic fast food chain

Would you like beans with that?

We’ve all been there: The fit girls’ food problems when on a long road trip. Being in the car for long hours is always an issue – how can one possibly sneak in a workout when driving on the M1?! But the real problem, we all know, is food. There is only so much McDonald’s a girl is willing to count as a cheat meal. Soon enough, you’re fantasising about healthy snacks, let alone meals, and have to resort to the gas station’s salty trail mix.
Our diets can sometimes be put on hold for the sake of fun, adventure, and life on the road. Ultimately, we shouldn’t have to compromise our healthy habits when stepping outside our comfort zone, which is exactly why Oliver’s is the answer to any health aficionado’s travel woes.

Introducing Oliver’s: The world’s first certified organic fast food chain

According to a recent article in the Weekly Times, the company had to prove 50% of their food was certified organic (in order to receive the “certified organic fast food chain” title). Created from the notion that we are what we eat, Oliver’s is attempting to bridge the gap between being on-the-go and making healthy choices. Oliver’s philosophy is all about feeding you real food, no matter where or when.

Oliver's, fast food chain, organic
Image: oliversrealfood.com.au

Their extensive menu includes salads, sushi, soups, curries and their famous pita pockets, with vegan and vegetarian options. The best part? The company even sets out to rival all your favourite unhealthy fast-food options thanks to their salted steamed green beans or steamed edamame.
Snacks include your chia seed porridge, protein energy bars, organic fruit and veggie crisps. Be sure to try one of their super smoothies (Alkalizing Green Dream, anyone?!) or fresh juices to replenish and rejuvenate for the next leg of your trip!
In addition to being super yummy and healthy, Oliver’s is also taking on eco and humanitarian initiatives. The company supports and sponsors children through ChildFund Australia, proving food, shelter, clothing and education to as many orphaned children as they can.
With a big heart and a big kitchen, Oliver’s is definitely worth the pit-stop on your itinerary. Stores can be found in select gas stations along the highway in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Visit their website to find a location nearest you.


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