These Are the 10 Biggest Fitness Motivators for Americans

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As much as we might love working out — the runner’s high is real, people — sometimes, it takes serious motivation to lace up our sneakers and hit the pavement or book that class.
And it turns out, our inspiration behind the workout is pretty universal.
A new FitRated study surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to get their take on what really motivates them to work out, and more precisely, the exact cheat meals they’ll put in the hard work for.
While the majority of survey responders revealed that outdoor running was by far the most difficult exercise (according to 26 percent of women and 25 percent of men who took the survey), bodyweight exercises, treadmill running, spinning, and weightlifting also made the list. Yoga, on the other hand, was considered the easiest of the workout options.
Meanwhile, when it comes to getting us up and out the door for a sweat sesh, the survey looked to find out exactly which foods were the biggest motivators, especially when served as cheat meals after an especially rigorous workout.
Looks like we’re not alone, because 47 percent of the women and 57 percent of the men surveyed admitted that pizza was the biggest enticement for them to work out. For women, the second most alluring food was ice cream, at 33 percent, and 26 percent also chose fries. Wine, in case you were wondering, was a factor for 12 percent of the ladies who took the survey, so pour yourself a glass and celebrate having completed that class.
But the reasons to work out weren’t only food based. As their hours of exercise increased, women reported feelings of higher self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and even increased job success.
The more hours the women logged, the more satisfied they were with themselves, their bodies, and their job advancement.
It’s just more proof that the benefits of working out go way beyond just shedding the pounds. You can see them in your mental health, your relationship, and in your wallet.
Need an extra hit of motivation? These are the 10 best endorphin-boosting workouts in LA and the top 10 in Australia, according to Classpass users. 

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