Stretch Studios, Yoga Rooms, Gyms—Here Are 6 International Airports Helping You Stay Fit In Transit

And yes, Sydney is one of them!

worlds healthiest airport
Image: Lorna Jane

‘Airports’ and ‘healthy’ are two things that don’t normally go together. In fact, between the stress of getting through security to eating fast food because it’s the ‘only option,’ there’s something about being in travel limbo that makes all our virtuous habits go out the window.
But it seems times-are-a-changin’. More and more airports across the world are now providing options for health-conscious travellers to work out, unwind and eat well in transit. And it makes sense—filling up on a nutritious, balanced meal and doing a yoga sesh beforehand are surefire ways to make that 20 hour flight bearable. Plus, we recently wrote about how working out after a long-haul flight can fend off jet lag. So, if you ask us, a speedy airport gym sesh is the perfect way to spend those long layovers. Read on for 6 of the world’s healthiest airports.

Sydney International Airport, Australia


Boosting a Joe & The Juice and Lorna Jane Active Living Room (complete with a cafe and yoga studio), Sydney airport was already doing pretty well in the wellness stakes. However, they’ve just taken things to the next level by opening a Stretch Studio in the international terminal. Here, a qualified flexologist will perform assisted stretching, helping to relieve tension and stiffness before, during and after your flight. Plus, stretching before your flight has been proven to reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis. Score!

Munich Airport, Germany

Image: Munich Airport

This German airport has not one but two different gyms where you can get your sweat on before your flight. Inside the terminal there’s Body Street Fitness, which uses electro-muscle stimulation to give you an efficient 20 minute workout. Nearby, there’s also the Hilton Munich Airport Fit and Fly, where you can grab a 2-hour pass and enjoy the well-stocked gym, as well as a swimming pool, spa bath and steam room. Oh, and the airport also has an outdoor park, bike path, meditation rooms and an acupressure spa.

San Francisco Airport, USA

worlds healthiest airports
Image: San Francisco Airport

Restore some much-needed zen at San Francisco airport’s free, 24-hour yoga room—the first of its kind in the world. This airport also has some excellent healthy eating options, including a plant-based cafes and organic icecream shop. It also happens to have a squad of therapy dogs (and a therapy pig!) that roam the terminals to calm stressed travellers.

Baltimore/Washington International Airport, USA

This was named America’s healthiest airport back in 2014 and it’s onlt become more impressive as time has gone on. From the large range of healthy eating options to the in-terminal Roam gym where you can rent Lululemon and Brooks workout gear, to the meditation rooms and Be Relax Spa, it truly as it all.

Dubai International Airport, UAE

worlds healthiest airports
Image: Dubai International Airport

Dubai is known for doing things big and of course, their airport is no exception. The state-of-the-art G-Force Health Club is the perfect place to squeeze in a workout before you jet off. They also have an opulent ‘zen garden’ and private Sleep-n-Fly Pods where you can sneak in some chill time.

Singapore Changi International Airport

Image: Singapore Airport

Changi has been voted the world’s best airport for 5 years in a row and quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why. Not only does it have a movie theatre, art installations, luxury spas and magnificent gardens, but it has full-service fitness centres in all 3 of its terminals.

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