Simple, Organic, Raw—How Aussie Pro Surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons Fuels Her Body

It comes down to one simple philosophy.

sally fitzgibbons
Image: Supplied by Under Armour

You’re probably used to seeing this Aussie beach babe rocking a swimsuit and catching waves, but recently, we’ve caught glimpse of Sally Fitzgibbons in a different light.
As one of the most recent athletes to partner up with US sportswear label, Under Armour, the pro surfer has been snapped hitting the gym and lifting weights as part of their new campaign.
Here, we chat to the 27-year-old about life in and out of the water including what her current exercise regime looks like, her natural approach to beauty and her healthy eating philosophy which she likes to refer to as SOAR (Simple, Organic & Raw).

What do your workouts currently consist of?

Surfing is epic in terms of training. It is constantly changing in order to prepare for each individual wave on tour. I love the excitement that everyday is different. In my routine at the moment I am working on endurance and stamina in preparation for JBay in South Africa. Long paddles back up the point and cold water which means thicker wetsuits, plus super long leg burner rides.

In terms of land training, I am doing gym circuits with cardio and resistance combos. Weights for strength and power. Mobility, joints and flexibility sessions to keep the body in balance. Sleep and recovery plays an important role in my training regime.

under armour
Image: Supplied by Under Armour

Out of that, how often are you in the water?

I am in the water every day for morning and afternoon sessions. I love that everyday has a different set of challenges on offer in the ocean.

Apart from surfing, what other workouts/fitness activities do you enjoy?

I’m a huge sports fan playing a heap of different codes as youngster was so fun. These days any time I get a bit of space from regular routine or I’m home with friends we kick the footy, go for a hike or mountain bike ride. I love doing coastal runs at all the different stops we go to around the world.

@Sally_fitz x @UnderArmourAu. We’re just getting started. #WeWill

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Tell us about your partnership with Under Armour. How did this come about and what are you most excited about?

I am incredibly excited to be joining the Under Armour roster of athletes, a brand that champions strong women, hard work and is always on the cutting-edge of innovation and performance. I compete in an individual sport, so coming into the team is exciting  as I get to feed off the incredible energy created by the culture and values within the brand. I’m motivated to find the edge I’m looking for with Under Armour to go to the next level in my performance and I’m also inspired to be in a team of like-minded athletes all trying to reach their pinnacle. They make athletes look good but most importantly to be better. It was a natural fit for me.

How would you best define your healthy eating philosophy?

Simple Organic & Raw… SOAR. Little acronyms can help you stick to your philosophy. Making healthy choices everyday will mean I’ll be SOARing. If the food I’m looking at has a few of these qualities then I should be on the right track.

sally fitzgibbons

Can you take us through what a typical day on your plate looks like?

My day on the plate is constantly changing due to travelling on the World Surf League tour for the most part of the year. You have to be flexible to find your best options on the road. My day usually looks something like this:

Early morning pre-training: Blue Dinosaur protein bar and 1L of water.
Mid-morning: Poached eggs, smashed avo and chilli on paleo bread with wilted spinach or a green veggie, quinoa bowl with avo and poached egg.
Post training snack: Piece of fruit and handful of nuts, lots of water.
Mid-afternoon: Smoothie bowl; Blend almond milk, frozen banana, Amazonia protein isolate powder and cinnamon. I like really thick consistency so I can top it with coconut flakes, berries and toasted nuts and seeds.
Dinner: An organic protein where possible, I mix it around each night. With roast veggies, salad or steamed veg salad. The more colour on my plate the better.
After dinner: Fresh grated ginger and lemon tea.

Ultimate guilty pleasure?

Raw vegan treat with fresh lemon and ginger tea.

sally fitzgibbons

What are some everyday things that motivate you?

Everyday things that motivate me are nature and people striving for their best.

What is your approach to beauty? Do you follow a specific routine?

Being out in the elements all day, I focus on rehydrating and nourishing my hair, skin and face with products that are as close to nature. The back bone of my beauty routine are my Burt’s Bees products that are derived from natural ingredients. I make sure to wear heaps of sunscreen when I am surfing and training outdoors, the foundation zincs work the best. At the end of the day I make sure clear everything off my face using Burt’s Bees micellar water, it clears everything off for me.

sally fitzgibbons

Any tips on looking after your hair and skin after an ocean swim?

Definitely moisturising skin after being in the ocean can bring it back to life and I rinse my hair with fresh water and add some coconut oil to the ends.

If ‘pro surfer’ wasn’t on the cards, what other career path would you have chosen and why?

I love sports, I would have tried another sport as a career for sure. I also really like journalism, the fitness space, event management and cooking. Something in those spaces would be cool too.

@Sally_fitz x @UnderArmourAu. We’re just getting started. #WeWill

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Favourite holiday destination and next on your bucket list?

Maldives is an epic holiday destination, tropical vibe and super fun waves. Next on the bucket list is Japan. Can’t wait to check it in the lead up to surfing being in the Olympics for the first time there in 2020.

If you can surf anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Home, it just feels like a piece of me and walking out my back door and into the ocean is the best feeling ever, no matter what the conditions are like.

sally fitzgibbons

We’ve read in another interview that you don’t drink alcohol which is synonymous with surf culture. What is your main reason for this?

It’s just a decision I made that suited me best, waking up early to get the best surf! I had no interest and it was a part of my philosophy to becoming the best athlete I could be and I’ve never gone back on it.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced thus far and how did you overcome this? 

Coming agonisingly close to my ultimate goal of being World Champion on a number of occasions. It is a roller coaster to rebuild and come out stronger than the last time and hurl yourself into the unknown to try again. It is the best challenge and it’s where I want to live my life. Right on the limits where you don’t know what’s going to happen next, that’s the fun part.

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