Aussie Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons Shares Her Health And Food Philosophy

And the one word she lives by.

sally fitzgibbons

Aussie surfing sensation and beach babe, Sally Fitzgibbons, is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. She nourishes her body from the inside out with nutritious food and exercise, and is also super in tune with her spiritual side—once telling Amodrn about her pre-comp rituals:

“I always pick up a handful of sand or rocks on the shore right before I paddle out for my heat. I rub it between my hands and my feet. It connects me with the ocean.”

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Sally, so we threw a few foodie questions at the Bert’s Bees ambassador and creator of Summer Fit!

How would you describe your overall health and food philosophy?

I use one word.. BEST. I am for “the best” in everything: food, training, mindfulness practices, personal decisions, sleep — and best option at any give time. If I aim for the best in all these areas, I can be at my best and therefore be the best for those around me. When it comes to food, I try to show my body that love and care for what fuel I’m putting in. I keep things as least processed as possible and place huge importance on variety so my body is absorbing as many different vitamins and nutrients through my food.

If you could live off one thing for the rest of your life, what food would it be and why?

Fresh figs, they are the most delicious and interesting food I have found. They always make me smile when I eat them and when I find them for a good price… love a bargain!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

I don’t mind a raw vegan slices or cake as a bit of treat from time to time. Almond or coconut ice-cream is pretty good too.

What’s your number 1 healthy eating tip?

Develop your philosophy around your healthy eating, set those values and guidelines for yourself so you know why that decision making process around when you eat and what you eat is super crucial. It’s a commitment to yourself that being healthy and strong isn’t a sometimes thing it’s all the time and it feels so amazing to stay true to your philosophy.

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