The Music-Based Wellness App By Y7 Studio Entrepreneurs Set To Make 'Waves' In The Meditation Space

Think pop beats and serious good vibrations!

Love the idea of meditation but can’t stand the reality of having to sit still in a silent seated position for a set period of time?
Well get ready to surf your way into bliss without heading to the beach—or slumping your shoulders in a poor postured sukhasana—with ‘Wave’ the latest meditation app set to create a swell in the modern meditation space.
Think a modern solution to an ancient system that caters to a millennial, musically minded demographic with an additional sensory experience.
Unlike other large scale meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm, ‘Wave’ works with modern music (think pop beats) and a vibrating bolster to allow a multi-sensory experience that will rock you into the zen zone thanks to the steady rhythm and tempo.

Image: @wave.meditation

Co-founded by Mason Levey of Y7 Studio—a popular yoga chain in the US famous for incorporating hip hop tracks into their yoga classes—‘Wave’ is a natural progression forward for the company that appears to fuse their modern take on music while allowing a nod to their yoga roots with the integration of a restorative yoga bolster. Launching this week, Wave is dubbed to be the next big thing in modern meditation and follows a similar wavelength to Spotify running off a $10-a-month subscription service (after an initial $199 for bolster and over-ear headphones).
While the set-up costs aren’t cheap, Wave aims to pull in a whole new untapped millennial audience that otherwise might not learn to meditate.

“Millennials are the most anxious generation, and yet 86 per cent of Americans don’t actively meditate,” says Levey (as told to Observer).

“Pre-launch, we surveyed 750-plus consumers and asked what activities they turn to for inspiration and empowerment…[and] listening to music was the number one activity indicated by our respondents.”

With this insight and their success integrating modern music into Y7 Studio, Wave was born. 
Image: @wave.meditation

“Fusing beats with breathing techniques and vibrations in the cushion to create a new experience [seemed] better suited to millennial consumers like us.” In addition to the actual experience, meditators have the ability to adapt and modify their playlists, fusing custom made combos like “Stranger Things meets Aphex twins meets Kanye meets 808,” explains Lacey.

Plus, unlike other apps that focus on overcoming stress, anxiety, etc, Wave prefers to take a positive approach. “We want to make meditation something you look forward to…“[While] we obviously want to help with all those things, but we also want to lead with the positive, says Levey.”

How does this look exactly? Think playlists that helps you ‘energise,’ or ‘shut down for the day’ and a customised feature that lets you toggle with a bar to select exactly how much energy you want from your music.

While Wave is only just rolling in this week, with a strong $5.65 million seed funding round, a soothing vibrational bolster, Spotify like set-up and a successful yoga brand backing them, it’s safe to say, this meditation app will not be wiping out anytime soon!

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