The Mini Trampoline Fitness Trend Has *Finally* Landed In Australia

mini trampoline fitness trend

For years, we’ve seen the mini trampoline fitness trend around on our Instagram feeds. And for just as long, we’ve envied the look of sheer elation on participants faces as they bounced in time to the music and wondered when it was going to be our time to do that (granted, it didn’t help that our dream BFFs Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams swear by it to stay fit!). But it appears that day has finally come—because trampoline fitness classes have just landed in Australia. Suffice to say, we’re bouncing with joy right now!
Aussie company Rico Group Fitness debuted their trampoline class at Sydney’s Peanut Butter Bar last weekend and it looked absolutely nuts (pun intended).

Those ladies are NOT messing around! You can see just from the video that it’s an incredibly high-intensity workout that challenges everything from your leg strength and core stability to your coordination and endurance. Plus, a 2016 study by the American Council on Exercise found that mini trampoline workouts can burn as many calories per minute as running at a 9 km per hour pace. So, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a pretty epic workout.
That said, it also looks like a helluva lot of fun. With the right song, we can totally imagine getting into a state of flow with it—not to mention, getting a serious endorphin boost. Titled ‘Bounce’, the choreographed classes are a combination of dance, step, cardio, body weight training and shadow boxing—all to a soundtrack of pumping beats. The classes will be run at 4 locations across Sydney— Leichardt Sports Pit, Revolutions Health and Fitness Centre Emu Plains, Forestville and St. Mary’s. Another company, Bounce, also runs classes in 6 locations across NSW as well as Scarborough in Western Australia.

While there’s no news yet on when this fitness trend will expand to the rest of Australia, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we’re all bouncing around manically like kids who just got their first trampolines for Christmas.

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