The 'TheyAllHateUs' Girls On Overcoming The Haters And Finding Longevity In The Fashion Industry

We caught up with Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton of TAHU.

They All Hate Us

When you think of careers with longevity, ‘fashion blogger’ isn’t normally what comes to mind. In fact, many seem to come and go from the industry faster than you can say “who are you wearing?” Some would even argue that in a market saturated by 19-year-old style ‘influencers,’ the concept of a fashion blogger is dead. But those people clearly haven’t met Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from TheyAllHateUs!
What started as a fashion inspo blog between the Sydney besties 10 years ago has developed into a bona fide lifestyle brand. But while TheyAllHateUs has become so much more than ‘just’ a fashion blog — the website is still at the core of everything the stylish pair does. Boasting over 660K monthly visitors, the online destination is an edit of the must-have pieces Tash and Elle are coveting.
But while most fashion bloggers will leave you to scour the internet for your favourite items, The ‘SHOP TheyAllHateUs’ feature allows you to purchase them directly off the website. They also released their own line, Girl Gang, last year — which immediately reached cult status with fashion IT girls. Perhaps it’s this rare accessibility that has allowed TheyAllHateUs to find long-lasting success in such a fickle industry.
Tash and Elle will be speaking at Business Chicks’ 9 to 5 Thrive Expo, alongside some other inspiring entrepreneurs like Kayla Itsines and Lana Hopkins of Mon Purse. We caught up with the girls ahead of their appearance to chat about overcoming the haters, starting a side hustle with your bestie, their daily routines and much more.
SL: Let’s talk about the name, TheyAllHateUs. Where did it come from?
Elle: So, ‘TheyAllHateUs’ is a little bit tongue in cheek… it was around a long time before Taylor Swift sang ‘haters gonna hate!” The name came about when Tash and I worked in an office together and there were quite a lot of ‘haters’ in that office that just didn’t like us or believe in Tash and I so we called the blog that not thinking it would ever be what it is today and those people have now turned into customers for our shop!
SL: When did you realise that TAHU had stopped being ‘just’ a fashion blog and had become a legitimate business? Did you ever imagine it would become so successful?
Elle: That time came when both Tash and I resigned from our amazing jobs within the fashion industry to work for ourselves. It was from there we built out a plan with budgets and targets so that we could sustain a salary. I have to say we did imagine that TAHU would be successful because we believed in ourselves and had our families around us saying “DO IT!” To say that on day one did we predict this success? I don’t think we did but we believed we could create magic.
SL: A lot of fashion bloggers come and go but TAHU has really stood the test of time. What do you think the secret to your longevity is?
Elle: Authenticity. What you see is what you get. The brand that we have built has been built organically and it’s real. I think that is the reason we are still standing and only getting stronger.
SL: In many business partnerships, one person handles the business side of things, while the other is more creative. Is this the case with TAHU?
Elle: Haha, I know what you mean but with Tash and I it depends what day it is and what project we are working on. We both have the ability to be the business head or the creative.
SL: What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about leaving their day job to start up their own business?
Elle: I think the great thing today is that you actually don’t need to quit your day job straight away. Tash and I were working huge jobs for a good three to four years before we resigned. So my advice would be don’t leave until you know you can support the lifestyle you live. Free clothes don’t pay the rent!

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SL: What’s the best part of running a business with your bestie?

Tash: The best part is going on the journey with someone who is like-minded to you — we talk / text / email all day long and its great being able to bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes it’s really hard to make business decisions alone so it helps when we both make the call and if one of us isn’t sure, we always have each other’s back!
SL: And the worst part about running a biz?

Tash: The worst part is it doesn’t ever stop. I’m currently on holidays but able to work… can be sitting on a beach and work and no one has to know! Maybe this is a good thing?!
Elle: I sleep with my phone in my hand. Our business is global so when one half of the world is asleep the other is awake so you never really turn off and that can be hard.
SL: Do you ever feel the pressure to be constantly ‘on’ and perfectly dressed? Surely you still have those lazy days where you rock your trackies and a top-knot?
Elle: I’ll be honest sometimes it can be challenging… But I feel incredibly blessed for this. And tan night is topknot night:)
Tash: Yes, every day! But I have become really comfortable with wearing no-make up and a top knot — sunglasses hide everything! However my norm I think is casual cool and my trackies I can wear with heels (thank goodness for Adidas 3 stripes!)
SL: Tash, you’re mum to two young kids. How do you balance this with co-running the business?
Tash: Elle is really supportive and we always work around my school drop off and pick ups, and there are many times my kids are with us at work. Having our own hours means we can plan around peak times and when our schedule is crazy. My husband and my family are really supportive and always around to help me with the boys. Without this would be difficult as the juggle can be a little crazy.
SL: How would you describe each other’s style in one sentence?
Elle: Tash’s would be classic with a twist.
Tash: Cool, sexy, edgy, legs for days and lots of hair.

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SL: Which brands are you obsessed with at the moment?
Elle: I’m obsessed with Babyanything and anything Kardashian. Also, Balenciaga and ksubi… the list goes on.
Tash: I love my friend Michelle’s brand My General Store (amazing lifestyle brand with major style), Zimmermann (always), Love Stories (pretty swimwear and underwear), Adidas (track pants have replaced my denim obsession), H&M (as I can always find great fashion pieces without breaking the bank), Gucci (no explanation needed.)
SL: What’s next for TAHU?
Tash: We are working on a few very cool projects coming up, not just in the fashion space which is really exciting.

Just for fun

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Wake up time:
Elle: Ha, it depends what day it is. At TAHU no two days are the same! So, it could be 4:30am or 7:30am.
Tash: 5.30am and Mac, my 5-year old, is up at this time every morning (it’s doing my head in!)
Morning ritual:
Elle: Check my phone and kiss my boyfriend.
Tash: School lunches, breakfast with the kids, get them ready for school then school drop off. Sorry, not that glamorous!
Healthy snack that’s $$$ but worth it: 
Elle: I’m actually obsessed with the Eat Fit Food meal delivery service at the moment… it’s delish!
Tash: My family fruit and vegetable grocery bill each week could pay off a mortgage!
Last thing I do before bed:
Elle: Check my phone.
Tash: Check on my kids, tuck them in a kiss them good night.
Guilty pleasure:
Elle: Hmm, where do I start? A weekly tan is a MUST!
Tash: 4 coffees a day and binge-watching TV shows ( I’m currently addicted to Younger!)
3 things vital to my day:
Elle: Family, TAHU and laughter.
Tash: Coffee, talking to Elle and hugs.
Elle: Harry’s in Bondi Beach.
Tash: I dont have a fave. Wherever coffee is served, I’m there!
Elle: Carrot and green apple.
Tash: Vegetables only. Carrot, spinach, ginger, beetroot.
Elle: Don’t drink it!
Tash: Large soy latte.
Favourite place to sweat:
Elle: Flow Athletic in Paddington and Fluid Form Pilates in Waterloo.
Tash: Fluid Form Pilates and Awaba St (the very steep hill I run up in Mosman!)

Business Chicks 9 To Thrive Expo

Sydney: Friday 11 and Saturday 12 August at Royal Hall of Industries, 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park.
Melbourne: Friday 25 August and Saturday 26 August at Melbourne Showgrounds,
Click here for more info.

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