This New Stylish Suitcase Charges Your Phone While Travelling

Monogrammed suitcases with built-in USB chargers...need we say more?

You’ve got your monogrammed phone case and matching laptop sleeve, your leather passport holder and luggage tag. You’re in your Ganni track pants and Golden Goose sneakers and your Chanel no. 5 is neatly tucked away in your … brown, eyesore of a suitcase.
Suitcases have never been that stylish. I mean, as your home on the road, it’s more important that they’re functional, right? But up and coming luggage brand, Away, didn’t see why they couldn’t be both.
Developed by avid travellers, Away’s suitcases are thoughtfully designed. Picture every problem you’ve ever had with luggage and Away has answered it. Ripped fabric or broken zip? Away uses a scratch-resistant hard shell designed to bend but not break. Had your things stolen? They have a TSA-approved code-lock system built into the bag. Bung wheels? Premium Hinomoto wheels rotate 360° for a perfect roll every time. Terrible packer? The suitcases have clever internal compartments to separate your things (think: nylon laundry bag suitable for swimmers).

Away luggage with phone charger
The suitcases have clever internal compartments to separate your things

But we haven’t even got to the best bit. How many times have you landed to a dead phone? No maps, no contacts, no clue what to do. Away’s Carry-On cases have a built-in charger so you’ll never feel lost again. It’s one of those ideas that’s so ingenious you wonder why no one has come up with it before.
Function aside, Away luggage is actually fashionable. Available in a range of different sizes and colours, the suitcases are minimalist but contemporary and they can be personalised, too. Monogram your initials, add fun stickers and make it your own.
Travelling creates experiences that you’ll keep for a lifetime. It’s personal, emotional and memorable—so your suitcase should be too. At least, that’s what the creators of Away believe. “What you take with you matters. Your suitcase should pull more than its weight—it should be your home between homes, your closet between closets, your outlet between outlets. Because if you’re looking down at your dying phone and broken bag, you can’t see up, out, and ahead to the world in front of you.”
Away luggage with phone charger
Away features multiple charge points for your phone

Luxury luggage usually costs as much as the holiday itself but Away is different. “To give the world access to better luggage, we took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our suitcases are made with the same top-quality materials as other premium luggage brands’. But our overhead is much lower (a familiar feeling for fliers), and our quality is guaranteed—for life.”
Pick up a suitcase from just US$225 and you’ll look so travel chic it’s only a matter of time until someone’s picking it up for you.

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