The No. 1 Thing Most People Wish Their Partner Would Do

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Have you ever wished that your sweetie would be just a little bit… erm… sweeter? You may not be alone.
According to Groupon research, that includes a poll of nearly 2,000 people, six in ten Americans wish their partner was a bit sweeter to them. Nearly 58 percent of respondents reported that they wanted just a bit more affection and kindness from their other half.
The study showed that women, especially, were more likely to want more sweetness from their love, and about a quarter of the study participants wanted, in general, more loving moments in their relationships.

Sounds easy enough, right? Interjecting a few more moments of kindness, affection, and love into your daily interactions with your bae could be the key to a more successful and extra-loving relationship.
And who wouldn’t love some more romance and adorable #couplesgoals moments to keep the spark alive?

The research also revealed what had driven couples’ arguments in the past. Turns out, 65 percent of the people who participated in the study admitted that they’ve argued with their partner because they compared their relationship to another couple’s—no shocker there.
Participants admitted that they were not only jealous of other couples’ relationships but also intimidated by their financial and social lives. And nearly four out of ten people got extra jealous when hearing about another couple’s sex lives.
It’s not all that uncommon that you go out on a double date, hear some over-the-top romantic stories from your friends and think to yourself: I don’t have that! But before the argument kicks off, appreciate what you do have. And remember, maybe over-sharing with our friends is not the best idea. It could be causing unnecessary strain on the great thing you have going.
But don’t lose hope. It could all be solved with a little more affection, the research shows! And if you need some inspiration, just take a look at these most romantic gifts people have received from their partners and prepare to swoon. Love is out there!

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